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There's no left arrow at top to return to preceeding page.

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After downloading the latest version of Firefox, there now is no left arrow at the top left of the page to return to the preceding page of any web site I go to. Before, there was a left and right arrow at the upper left of the page of a website that could be used for going back to preceding pages of a site without leaving that site. Now I have to either leave the site by closing it out, then go back into it from the start, or look under "history" and click on the next to last site that is shown to get to previous page. (When using Internet Explorer, the left and right arrows are at the upper left of the web sites). Please help with Firefox.

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If the menu bar is hidden then press the F10 key or hold down the Alt key, that should make the menu bar appear.

Make sure that toolbars like the "Navigation Toolbar" and the "Bookmarks Toolbar" are visible: "View > Toolbars"

  • If items are missing then open the Customize window via "View > Toolbars > Customize" or via "Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout"
  • If a missing item is in the toolbar palette then drag it back from the Customize window on the toolbar
  • If you do not see an item on a toolbar and in the toolbar palette then click the "Restore Default Set" button to restore the default toolbar set up.

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