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I had a popup that says firefox is scanning computer for viruses, is this a scam or actual spyware?

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I am someone who is pretty careful when browsing the web. This morning I had a bit of a shock when I typed in something on Youtube, suddenly my window closed and I received a popup that says Firefox will be conducting a virus scan. I tried closing the popup by clicking the x, but then another window opened which looked like the Firefox warning page, and a fake scan showed up. I didn't click on anything in the window, I exited the browser again and nothing came up. There were no warnings from Comodo or Avast. I am currently running a full scan on Malwarebytes just to be safe. Is this only a scare-tactic popup, or do I actually have rogueware in my system that causes this?

I must also add: Last week I was browsing google images and I accidently clicked on a picture that took me to a website that tried to install a trojan. Avast caught it right away, and I did a scan afterwards that came out clean. So far, nothing strange has happened until today, but I can't help but wonder if that was the cause of the popup.