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When playing music on firefox, the instruments are loud and clear, but the voice is low, sounds far away, and echos.

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I've been a firefox user for a long time, but nothing like this has ever happened. I was listening to music on when all of a sudden (in the middle of a song) the music got really loud and the voice was barely understandable due to echoing and sounding far away. I checked Youtube to see is maybe Playlist was glitching up, but Youtube had the same problem. When I checked the music on the computer, everything was fine. I cleaned up all the cookies, checked all the sound adjusters (everything was fine), and restarted the computer. These didn't work, so I tried turning everything off and waiting. That didn't work either. I went on to Internet Explorer and it was having the same problem.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I was listening to my playlist on in the middle of a song.

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i cannot hear any thing

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