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Firefox changed. I'm done

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I've been a Firefox user for over 15 years. I preferred it to Chrome. But, that's all over now. Since I upgraded I have had nothing but misery. Pages don't function normally. Windows will not display properly, no matter what I set them. Worst of all with any single window, or multiple windows, the slightest mouse movement outside the window and every window comes forward, then it recedes. Back and forth - again and again. If the mouse moves away from the window boundaries, up comes on another window - not the one I want top work in. If that's not distracting enough, I will move the mouse out of the immediate area, what I type does not appear on the page - it goes to some small pseudo search bar which means That the mouse is on the empty desktop. Etc. Etc. I've had it. Too much distraction and poor functionality.

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Those are peculiar symptoms. Which version of Firefox had those problems?