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Allow to have Sync options choices by browser

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Hi, I have a suggestion, more than a question. It would be very nice to have the possibility of choose which group of items (Passwords, Open Tabs, etc) you want to sync in each browser installation we have, or at least by browser "flavour" (i.e. "normal" FF or Developer Edition). For example: I like to have my "normal FF" configured in Bright Theme but I like the Developer FF in Dark theme. But another more useful example would be: It's nice to have all my passwords on my home computer's Firefox, but I definitely don't want to have them on my workplace's computer (and I wouldn't want to have to give up having all the other useful Sync features).

If you change any of these checkboxes, that action propagates across *all* of your browsers. I think they should behave independently and affect just the browser you're setting them on.

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The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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You can only have different Sync setting if you use separate Sync accounts. Using Sync with a specific Sync account is all or nothing and Sync settings are the same for all devices that are connected to a specific account. If you only have one home device and one work device then there is probably not much need to use Sync.