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La connexion n’est pas sécurisée

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bonjour, je suis très fatigué des heures passées à ne pas trouver la solution; je suis obligé d'utiliser chrome pour vous questionner; Pourquoi vous me collez "La connexion n’est pas sécurisée" pour toutes les adresses URL ? j'ai firefox V58.0.2 32 bits parce que la 60 n'était pas mieux, j'ai téléchargé la 58. et j'ai kaspersky 2017 J'en suis au point de supprimer tous les contrôles par votre faute. Et j'ai toujours "La connexion n’est pas sécurisée" , y compris pour ( les propriétaires de ont mal configuré leur site web , osez-vous écrire ) Il n'y a aucune réponse nulle part à ce problème. Répondez moi. Là , c'est vraiment trop fatigant. Cela donne l'impression que vous faites tout pour aller ailleurs. Mozilla veut-il disparaître ? Ok il y a d'autres browser. Trop de contrôles, trop de barrières , aucune explication facile d'accès .

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The connection is not secure

hello, I am very tired of hours spent not finding the solution; I am obliged to use chrome to question you; Why do you stick to "The connection is not secure" for all URLs? I have 32-bit firefox V58.0.2 because the 60 was not better, I downloaded the 58. and I kaspersky 2017 I am at the point of removing all the controls by your fault. And I still have "The connection is not secure", including by your fault. And I still have "The connection is not secure", including for (the owners of have misconfigured their website, do you dare to write) There is no answer null part of this problem. Answer me. There, it's really too tiring. This gives the impression that you are doing everything to go elsewhere. Does Mozilla want to disappear? Ok there are other browser. Too many controls, too many barriers, no easy explanation of access. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

HI, well instead of spending hours you could have asked sooner so you would not get frustrated as it seems you are. We are here to help.

1 Issue is uninstall reinstall and bouncing around from version to version. It has made working with your install impossible.

But that is ok as the problem is with your Kaspersky : There is security software like Avast/AVG, Kaspersky, BitDefender and ESET that intercept secure connections and send their own certificate.

If you are running any of the above software please check their community forum for a work around.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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