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Gmail will not open

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Good morning,

When I try to open gmail, I receive the following error:

We've detected a problem with your cookie settings. Enable cookies

Make sure your cookies are enabled. To enable cookies, follow these browser-specific instructions. Clear cache and cookies

If you have cookies enabled but are still having trouble, clear your browser's cache and cookies. Adjust your privacy settings

If clearing your cache and cookies doesn't resolve the problem, try adjusting your browser's privacy settings. If your settings are on high, manually add to your list of allowed sites. Learn more

For the record, I have followed all the instructions but it still will not open.

THank you.

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Cookies are sent by websites. You can tell Firefox to not allow sites that you choose by following these directions.

Type about:preferences#privacy <enter> in the address bar.

The button next to History, select Use Custom Settings.

Under History, turn on Accept cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies. At the far right, press the Exceptions button. Place those websites you don't want here.