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listing of Firefox multitab window in Windows Task Manager

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Firefox has a disadvantage in comparison to at least two other browsers, Google Chrome and Opera. The latter two browsers list each separate tab of a single browser window as a separate process in the Windows Task Manager. When a single tab begins to demand high CPU time, as evidenced by the CPU fan audibly running at high speed, one can simply go to the Task Manager, click on the CPU column, and end the process with high CPU usage. This does not delete the tab, or even close the browser, but simply stops displaying information from the web site of this tab. This allows one to protect the CPU from excessive overheating; our last computer died due to such overheating.

In contrast, Firefox lists all tabs in a browser window as a single process. If one has a large number of tabs in a single window, it is not easy to determine which tab is sucking CPU time. The fastest way to protect the CPU from overheating is to choose "End Process" for the window, which closes the window and loses all current information.

We have reluctantly switched from Firefox to Google Chrome for just this reason. We hope that Firefox will be revised to provide individual listing of tab processes, to allow us to return to using our favorite browser.

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All Firefox windows and tabs run in the same firefox.exe process.

Mozilla is working on Multi Process Firefox.

Currently enabled by default in the Developer Edition version.