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How can I chance the looks of version 29 to the looks of version 28?

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I removed version 29 and went back to version 28. Everything I hate about Chrome appeared in version 29!!!

I want a text in the upper left corner saying: "Firefox" I don't want rounded tabs I want my toolbars and tabs working as in version 28.

And last, but not least: If Firefox has an update, with the description of "security and bugfixes", I don't expect a complete change of the UI. I liked Firefox for years, one of the "early adapters" (if that's the correct English term). With the 29 version, Firefox definitely loses it's own look.

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This article - How to make the new Firefox look like the old Firefox - has instructions for using the Classic Theme Restorer add-on to change things back.

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It's the Classic Theme. It's not the same theme I had in version 28. Also, some add-on buttons fall of the screen.

At least now I can see I work in Firefox, for security sake I will keep using this. Hopefully i can use the 28 theme again.

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Customize mode along with the classic theme restorer should be able to help with the add-ons you can't see anymore - Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.