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Does Persona Account site require Flash Player? Why?

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I use Fx 4. and Fx 10 ESR on XP Pro on different machines. When I try to signup for Persona Account, I got a blank page with no button for signup. I then tried IE8 at the site and I got a signup button on IE. But when I clicked to go to the next page, so I could create a Persona account, I got a blank page with a red horizontal line running across the middle of the page.

I do not have Flash Player currently on either version of Fx. Flash Player has been causing problems on Fx 10 ESR for several versions now so I have chosen to no longer install it until Adobe fixes the problems (if I really need flash player, which is not likely, then I can use it fine on IE). I have never had Flash Player installed on Fx 4 which is on a different computer.

I think Persona Account must require Flash Player because I do have Flash Player installed on IE 8 on one computer and I can see the image to click on to signup, whereas,I see just a blank page on both versions of Fx. Persona Account manages your passwords/logins and should be accessible from ANY browser you use. I find it hard to believe that Mozilla would require Flash Player to be on all browsers that someone has who wishes to use Persona for password management. I use SeaMonkey, Opera, Iron (privacy version of Chrome), IE as well my Fx versions which are my default browsers on the two computers.

So, is not having Flash installed on either Fx version the reason I get a mostly blank page at with no signup button visible? And why can't I get a signup box on IE where I at least get a button to click to signup?

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No, Flash isn't needed for Personas.

Why even try to use IE at the Personas site? Personas are a feature for Mozilla products only, not gonna work in IE.

BTW, Firefox 4.0.1 is no longer supported - long past its' expiration date.

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Thank you. There is a bit of confusion here for which Mozilla is partly the culprit. I gather that Fx Personas in Addons is reluctant to change their name (to skins, wallpaper, etc) which Mozilla has asked them to do and hence the confusion that I guess I contributed to also by not being crystal clear in my post.

I am trying to set up what Mozilla used to call BrowserID but decided Mozilla Persona was a better name...never mind that the new name for BrowserID conflicts with how the term Persona has been used for some time by Firefox. Plus, searching here for an answer before I posted produces a mess of results some referring to Personas as Fx has traditionally used the term and some referring to Persona as the new term for BrowserID. I had forgotten that the correct name is not "Persona Account" but "Mozilla Persona Account". I'm sorry for the confusion. I think Mozilla might ought to choose another name for this service.

Since Mozilla Persona Account is a new way to manage identity on the net it should work on any browser and that is why I tried IE. I had actually forgotten about BrowserID until I went, earlier this evening, to Addons to look at new Personas and at the bottom of the Persona page is a question asking me if I am looking for "Persona ID Signin" and there is a link to click and, when I clicked it, the page was mostly blank. I was on Fx 4 but switched to my other computer and Fx 10 ESR and same thing ...a mostly blank page.

I was curious about trying it although I think it does not have many websites signed up for it yet. I like the idea but not if Flash is required.

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Sorry about that, I forgot that Browser ID is being called "Persona" now, and missed seeing the hyperlink for at the bottom of your posting. I must have been having a "senior moment" when I read your initial posting at 3am - that's my excuse for that "doh" and I'm gonna stick with it. LOL

Flash isn't needed, CSS and JavaScript is used.
Any chance you have your own font selections set in Options > Content?

My reading of the CSS file for the signup page is that True-Type fonts are to be downloaded from for use there, and if you aren't "allowing pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above" you might get a blank page.

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The site works for me with and without the downloadable fonts.

Can you attach a screenshot?

Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

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I am glad it is not using Flash.

I have all my browsers set to use the font I choose at all times (Verdana). So, I went to Options and checked the box to allow websites to use their fonts. I still get a mostly blank page at Also, Fx does not digest well whatever font that is that the page uses. It is almost unreadable that font especially at the bottom of the page where the text size is quite small and faint (where it says "privacy", "TOS", etc).

I don't see a way to add a title to screenshots here so first screenshot is with my chosen Verdana font and second is with the font chosen by site.

@the-edmeister, I have plenty of "senior moments" so no big deal. LOL

One other thing, I do see, for a split second, when I first go to that site, what I think is the signup section/button, but it disappears so fast that if I blinked I would not see it at all. If I refresh the page I don't see that. If I click on the buttons "How it Works" or "signin", the page seems to blink but I am still on the same page although the url now indicates that I am on a different page ( If I click on "Developers" button usually nothing happens, but I tried again just now and, on the fourth try, a new tab opened to I don't know why that would be sluggish and not redirect on the first three tries...I have cable broadband at 15/1. I had to use IE 8 to read the Privacy Policy as the same thing happens with Privacy Policy and TOS buttons on Fx 4 and 10 ESR as happens with the "How it Works" and Signin" buttons near the top of the page.

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