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Bookmark toolbar

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To: FireFox development team :)

Will You ever make bookmark toolbar work right? Have You ever tried to drag n drop tab or link you want to bookmark that way? Have you ever tried to change location of your bookmark (in bookmark toolbar) from on folder to another? (Hint: Awful experience!)

I'm organizing my bookmarks ONLY in bookmark toolbar form and I have made 8 main folders, containing many bookmarks, but also many sub-folders and these sub-folders contain many bookmarks and sub-folders... It is my MAIN point in Firefox browser, and part I use the most!

But dragging and dropping items and changing places is sometimes (usually) is pain in the *ss. I hover over the bookmark toolbar folder and wait 'till it opens, find the next one, miss one pixel, and after FRACTION of the second is all gone, the subfolder menu closes, main folder closes... again! Sometimes I don't even miss, it does on it's own with "prediction" of the place where I'll put the bookmark item, and it that is somewhere in the upper level of bookmark bar folder structure, it'll close the current subfolders and go back to the place where it snapped/"predicted".

Not sure if I wrote this in understandable enough way, but I hope You get the point... if not, please feel free to ask for clarification... or just try using bookmark toolbar yourselves. :)

Thanks, Marko

P.S. Oh, try dragging a bookmark item diagonally, with a SPLIT second dragging over an area that is not bookmark folder area... good luck with that! :) It just closes it and you have to do folder-subfolder navigating again (WHILE holding down mouse button with item holding it). This just isn't good user experience and bookmark toolbar isn't user friendly! It's painful.

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Chosen solution

cor-el's diagonal dragging add-on solved me completely the immediate closing during dragging exactly as per its description, but not the other problems on this thread, which it is not meant to cure, of course. Thank you.

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I have seen the same issue when I get down to the 4th or 5th tier of sub-folders in the Bookmarks Toolbar Items.

IMO, you are overloading the Bookmarks Toolbar by using it in that manner. Multiple tiers of sub-folders in the Bookmarks Toolbar wasn't a planned action.

One potential solution is to re-arrange those bookmarks while in the "Library" window rather than from the Toolbar. Drag a bookmark into a different folder, and then open the new folder and place the bookmark where you want it placed.

Or do the 'moves' in the Bookmarks Sidebar.

Neither the Library or the Sidebar will "snap closed" if you miss your mark.

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Thanks for your reply! It's not just 5th or 6th tier of sub-folders, it happens to first or second too. I might be overusing Bookmarks Toolbar but, I'm not the only one... many people use it that way. And I think it's a good and comfy way too! It's fast, and you can organize your bookmarks for quick and it's easy access!

I don't see any hurdles for developers to work this part of FireFox out... to make it work in predictive and satisfying way. We want it to be JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE USER FRIENDLY. Nothing more that that.

Thanks, Marko

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You can look at this extension:

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@cor-el It's not working. Not even enhancing bookmark using...

Even found this forum thread: but it's the same bottom line advice - use the extension ( bug419911 (diagonal dragging) 2.0 )! :)

Development team should really look into this one, and soon. It's not just for organizing, but every day using. For me it's like main menu for all my everyday stuff.

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The recommendation over at MozillaZine about using that extension was given by the person who created that extension. Two other people said the same thing I said, use the Library or the Bookmarks sidebar; one other user mentioned using cut and paste.

Instead of being obstinate and not even trying to do that in a different manner, why not use Help > Submit Feedback... to bring it to the developers attention? Or submit a Bugzilla report classified as a Request For Enhancement.

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By saying I'm obstinate and suggesting Library use and cut/paste as solutions to my problem, you obviously don't understand the way and frequency I'm using Bookmark Toolbar and didn't understood the problems I've described above... Can you imagine yourself opening Library every other minute to move bookmark you've just added to the right place?! Can you imagine dragging tab to whole other window (Library) just to be able to bookmark desired website?? And do that every other minute?!

I'll submit feedback though, thx!

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Chosen Solution

cor-el's diagonal dragging add-on solved me completely the immediate closing during dragging exactly as per its description, but not the other problems on this thread, which it is not meant to cure, of course. Thank you.