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Keep me signed in box always ticked now

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Hi. When I go to sign in on ebay the Keep me signed in box is now always ticked and used not to be. How can I change this so it is unticked by default as I see this as a security risk. i.e. gorgetting to untick the box.

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Clear the eBay cookies to reset all eBay settings.

  • "Remove the Cookies" from eBay: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
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Clearing cookies worked before but now with the new firefox, started when I cleared all my history and cookies and now the box is always ticked

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I was downloading a new FireFox My Firefox internet is not responding very well, so I thought a new one might help. We came to the question of e-mail verification,the screen said, Wrong answer. The only thing is, it,i.e download did not ask the first time, but on Mar.13, I changed all of Google.It was then I installed my first Gmail. There was no question, except to verify Firefox.