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FVD Speed dial and lack of notice you were taking it down.

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Please, why would you remove FVD Speed dial without first giving a warning so users can download their latest websites they have stored on it. that S__t is F______d up. What The F___ . some of those sites I had saved were hard to find the first damn time and now the whole set is f____ ing gone. I did not GIVE A DAMN if they shared data. I want my damn FVD Speed dial back or access to it to save my stuff first.

I find it totally unacceptable that you removed the tool I use THE MOST with out any opportunity save my tabs to export so I can still have them.

That arbitrary do it with no warning s__t is rude as f__c.

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Yes, I found that solution to work, thank you. Now I have my FVD Speed Dial back and I will stop cursing the

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Hi, sorry to hear you have this problem.

The extension was blocked for the reasons mentioned on the following page and it sounds like Mozila's Add-ons team did try to avoid it:

But we are where we are. For now:

Some users with paid accounts (or who are willing to sign up for EverHelper @ $5/month for at least one month) are able to access the URLs in Chrome or Opera (and presumably in other supported browsers, maybe including Microsoft Edge).

Hopefully the community will come up with something simpler.

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Actually the community did, thank you. I prefer their solution where I put extension blocks to false in the about.config. I have no use for paying $5 to get back something that has the data on my hard drive. Damned sloppy solution to offer up.

And the way I used simply put my FVD Speed Dial back. I have never had any issues using it as I run ABP at the same time, never have redirects or the issues Mozilla listed. Maybe Mozilla should use Ad Block Plus as I do to get their S__t together.

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Globally disabling the extension blocklist allows known malicious extensions to install and run. I suggest exporting your FVD data and migrating to a different, non-blocked extension, as soon as possible.

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I have been using that addon for a few YEARS NOW with no issues ever. I had a hard time replacing the first speed dial I loved using. This is the second one I had to install and setup from scratch. As long as I don't have anything installing or other issues from the FVD Speed Dial, I am KEEPING IT.

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I so agree..... that was my biggest complaint. No notice to save my dials to export for the next add one I would have used.. but since about.config and setting extensions.block to false worked and they came right back as I had them in my browser before the block by Firefox, I am good and will keep what was working fine for me and not move to the next add on.

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I don't want to use another speed dial. I am sick of changing them.

I have my shit pretty damn secure. If I notice issues after the global unblock, I will let people know here. In the meantime, testing that situation as my preferred choice. If I have to wipe the laptop and reinstall so be it. My desktop is my work computer at home and the laptop is for entertainment only. I don't mind blowing it up and fixing it.

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Ok. So for the less technically minded (ie me!) where can I find the about.config to set the extensions.block to false, please?

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Smashing. Thank you!

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In 2020, we became aware that the developer of the FVD add-on had begun intercepting search queries that were being sent to a third-party search provider, in clear violation of the Mozilla Add-ons Policies. After a repeated violation we again explicitly told them under which circumstances this type of data collection is not acceptable. At the time, the developer disabled the feature, and we continued to host FVD Speed Dial.

Recently we have become aware that the developer has re-enabled the offending functionality, which remains in violation of AMO policy. In light of these repeated offenses, we have blocked this addon. While we regret the impact that this has had on some of our users, we believe that our commitments to user safety and the importance of user trust in Firefox and its surrounding ecosystem have obligated us to take this action, and we stand by this decision.