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Firefox 32 support

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Hi, I'm about to upgrade my old laptop to windows 10, but it's not very powerful. The processor is adequate with 1.67 GHz, but only have 2 gigs of memory.

This Toshiba laptop can handle a 64 bit system, but came with 32 from the factory. Since the model is quite old, about 15 years, it's better I stick with a 32 bit install. My question is - how long will Firefox be maintaining your 32 bit browser with updates?

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When i review the current system requirements -- -- considering the 2GB RAM requirement for 64-bit Firefox, 32-bit Firefox would make more sense for you.

I have not heard any announcements about discontinuing 32-bit support, so probably for at least another 9-12 months. Maybe someone else has more definitive information.

If you install 32-bit Windows 10, the installer should detect that and install 32-bit Firefox. If you install 64-bit Windows 10, you can still choose 32-bit Firefox but you need to bypass detection and select that installer yourself. See: Custom installation of Firefox on Windows.