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Run Firefox for separate Windows 10 Account

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I created another Windows 10 user account on the same PC for my wife. So, she has her own login and Windows page. I also created a Firefox profile for her. I can't download Firefox under her own account - it always updates the current install and Firefox does not appear anywhere on her screen. How do I get Firefox on her Windows so she can run it?

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One Firefox installation per PC, which will use separate Profiles which are automatically created for each Windows Logon User Account. And being the same Firefox program installation there would be one Firefox update being installed.

Do you have a need for two separate Firefox installations or the need for two different versions of Firefox?
Firefox isn't set up to do that either automatically or not doing a workaround that does take more than simply trying to install a different or 2nd version.

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To further explain. I have set up a separate Windows logon for my spouse on the same PC. Firefox does not appear at all when she is in her Windows session. For example, all the other Apps appear on her screen that are on mine, except Firefox. I created a Firefox profile for her but that made no difference. So, how do I get Firefox when she is logged on?