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Themes don't change home page every time I close then open Firefox

  • Mbohavai’ỹre
  • 1 oguereko ko apañuãi
  • 22 Hecha
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Hello. As the title states, themes don't seem to be working as they should. If I apply the theme, and it changes the tab bar, and it will change the home page as it should. After I close and then re-open Firefox, however, the home page goes back to being un-themed, despite (as far as I can tell) everything else that should be affected by the theme still being themed. I am using the official dark theme that comes with the browser, and the only extensions that I have that should affect it are Dark Reader and Firefox Color, though the problem still occurs with them disabled. My other extensions are listed in the "Installed Plugins" part. The issue seems to happen on both Kubuntu and Windows. Thank you for reading. EDIT: I tried without Color, and it worked. I think it was applying an old theme I made on Color that looked like the dark theme but with a white start page. Sorry for the mistake on my end.

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