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Firefox crashes

  • Mbohavai’ỹre
  • 4 oguereko ko apañuãi
  • 12 Hecha
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Gah, Firefox has been crashing 95% of tabs! Here's the message:

Gah. Your tab just crashed. We can help you! Choose Restore This Tab or Restore All Crashed Tabs to reload page content. Will you help us? Crash reports help us diagnose problems and make Firefox better. Report this tab. Send a crash report for the tab you are viewing. Include page URL with this crash report...

When I follow the link to find out why, I get this information in the "Signature": EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; OK

But it's not OK. I'm on Mac using Safe Mode (for months now, due to other issues), but this crashing is a few days new and very consistent. Help, please.