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POF.COM times out sometime every day after having been on it before. I emailed about this a week or so ago and No reply.

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POF.COM times out and will not connect sometime Every day after having been on it before. No other URL does this. I have to restart my computer to make it connect again. Closing Firefox, deleting all the history and deleting all the chach I can find does no good. When it times out with Firefox it will Not connect using Internet eXploader or Chrome.

My os is XP and I am using an older version of Firefox 32.0.2. NO, NO, NO I don't want to use the updated stuff. I Don't like it!

I emailed y'all about this a week or so ago and No reply.

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more options has coding/features that cannot function without one of the latest (if not THE latest) version of Firefox. Website capabilities universally increase as newer versions of web browsers are released. There are structural functions and security features that simply don't exist in older versions. They do in the newer versions, and without having that, you will experience errors like this.

I know you don't like it, but, you're just going to have to learn to. Anyone can ask why you don't like newer versions of software, and you can tell anyone anything you want, but I strongly suggest skipping to the logical conclusion of said conversation and accepting that change is not bad.

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Can you at least bypass the timeout by using the full HTTPS URL to the home page:

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Also, do you really need to completely restart Windows, or do any of these other workarounds, er, work more quickly:

  • Exit Firefox (e.g., File > Exit) and then start it up again
  • Disable your network connection, wait 15 seconds, then re-enable it (how you do this depends on your setup, and I don't remember the details for Windows XP)