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Mozilla Firefox crashes alot the past 4-5 day

just like the title says and yes I tried every one of these fixes provided in this link https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-crashes-closing-or-quitt… (tuilleadh eolais)

just like the title says

and yes I tried every one of these fixes provided in this link


only one i didn't use is hardware acceleration because I just wanna use Firefox normally I am not here for anything that lowers the normal performance I am used to and it's not a real fix

Also Firefox is literally the only thing that crashes on my PC, even other browsers I tried such as Chrome and Opera (both versions including GX) were working just fine, both safe mode and clean installation by deleted the folders in AppData and even deleting everything and updating windows and drivers are up to date, and it still crashes regardless.

Going to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted doesn't show me Submitted folder which I assume it happened cause of the multiple clean reinstallation I did but there is pending and events and idk how to share a dmp file here.

Only reason I am still sticking to Firefox is the fact that it's more private than say Google, Opera and Edge and that's most important to me, and the problem happens to probably any website, maybe mainly media sites like Twitch and Youtube but it may jsut be coincidence or maybe cause I stay on these for longer than 5-10 mins normally so they are more noticeable.

Thanks in advance, I am surprised not many people mentioning these problems on the internet but I did see some Reddit posts i wonder if not many people are being affected or just that there are many other options for people to bother complain nowadays and I don't use social media much to post there but I may have to do it eventually if it reaches anyone who can fix this.

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