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Settings Not Staying Set

Okay, so...hopefully somebody here can help me from going, "Mhhmmm! Grrrrrrr!" every time I wanna search something. So here's what's up... I go to my home page,… (tuilleadh eolais)

Okay, so...hopefully somebody here can help me from going, "Mhhmmm! Grrrrrrr!" every time I wanna search something.

    So here's what's up...

I go to my home page, bing.com. I type in a search, and because it pertains to the issue at hand, lets suppose the search was adult oriented, or something that would make you want to change the search safety settings from its default of 'Moderate' to 'Off', as you want it to be. Cool. Great. Sweet, its off, now I can continue.....Buuuuut, no! Nope. See,...{sigh}.....okay, so lets back up a few steps and right now we're at the moment when we had switched 'Moderate' to 'Off'. Okay! So,....now lets say that you want to filter down your search results. So, we navigate over to the right-hand side of the page, we click 'Filter', we select our filter, the pag loads, annnnnd AHHHHHH DAMMIT TO HELL!! It's back set to 'Moderate'. And it will continue to do this when for whatever reason the page needs to reload. Its driving me.......{sigh & steps back}....Ooohh, okay, well.....suffice to say, the issue needs resolving. Like,....NOW! Please.  :-D It almost slipped my mind, but, for the sake of knowing what kind of suggestions you may give,.... Let me just throw out there that I am no 'computer noob'. The last time I went to buy a new desktop computer, I wasn't a member of Camp Cow! What I'm tryin' to say is, I'm no programmer, but I'm quite 'puter knowledgeable. I remember as a kid, getting bored and walking into the den where my dad (former IBM guy) was sitting there, mumbling outloud to himself, "...Wha...? Whaddaya mean, 'Bad command or file name? ...Doesn't make any sense...". I sat down to watch him try & fix the computer, I told 'em I was bored, he said, "Bored, huh? Yeah,....that'll happen sometimes." Gets up from his chair, plants his hand on the backrest, stands up and does this sorta,...two and a half step, 'walk' across the room to the closet, which is like, two feet from me.... Still with his one hand on the chair's back rest, with the other, he reaches up into the closet to the little book shelf in there, grabs a book I've seen him use a number of times before, takes it down, half pulls * half 'back steps' back into his chair, playfully flings his book holding hand toward me. It lands in my lap with a sh-mack! of my pants, and my dad being completely serious, he's not joking in the least says to me, "Here. Read this. It's good to know." The infamous book? The user's manual for MS-DOS 5. ...Hmm,...it might of been 6.2. My dad was teaching me DOS commands when I was 8. Heh!.... I'm sorry, that went a bit longer than I had imagined. Well, I guess I'll chalk it up to, 'Taking the opportunity to tell a 'I remember when' story about my dad. He died last year. November 8th. He was 86. Best dad you could ever know.

 Hey thank you in advance, if you're able to help.  Thanks & take care!

Darren Pierazek [email removed from public] Also, you can find me & msg me on Facebook

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