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Firefox version 29 does not have a refresh button

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I woke up this morning to find that firefox updated without my permission. this annoys me. What annoys me the most, however, is not having to re-customize every thing on the toolbar, but the fact that there is NO REFRESH BUTTON. I liked having a refresh button. it was very handy. I liked having it to the left of my address bar. Why can I no longer have a refresh button to the left of the address bar? the only one I can seem to find in imbedded in a very awkward and inconvenient place inside the address bar. I feel this is unacceptable. When looking at the page made to advertize firefox, it stats that it was "Made with a mission to put you first." this is not putting me first. this is taking control away from me and making the interface that much less intuitive. I would like to have my refresh button back. I do not want to have to go through antoher workaround like downloading a classic theme and screwing with that. I just want the refresh button. now, where is the refresh button and how can I place it where I want it to go? it's a simple question, yet I have not found any answer for it anywhere on this site.

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hello, there is a refresh button integrated into the right of the address bar - the F5 key or right-click > reload would be alternatives...

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i have been using google chrome recently on my android phone and like it. but i kept my familiar ff on my desktop. i however came home tonite, saw that ff had updated itself despite the fact i have updates set to not be done automatically. it simply said you must hit restart for changes to be affected. but i had requested no changes. i shouldnt have said ok. it restarted and now tabs are on fucking top not bottom. the icons are all different. many extensions i loved are no longer valid. on and on. i dont even see where the ff button is i am so stressed i am not a techie and i do not have a way to restore as ff never lets you rollback. so i am migrating to chrome. what a horrible experience forcing an update on me. i even googled and found thousands of threads with complaints just like mine. people hating this. people who like me have auto updates off and had this forced on them. i even saw on google a created extension to put the tabs on bottom but when i did i found out that it cut the tabs off showing only the top. now i cannot click the tab to go in and undo this extension.

i just want my familiar and to work. i hate this change i am so freaking mad right now. i mean livid. i already took my one good arm ( i fell and dislocated my left a month ago) and smashed my right hand repeatedly on my desk, then smacked my own forehead over and over in anger and stupid frustration. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in firefox stands for 'f' 'u".

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Thank you for trying the new Firefox. We’re sorry that you’re unhappy with the new design.

Here are a few suggestions for restoring the old design. We hope you’ll find one that works for you:

Firefox is a work in progress and your feedback is very important to us. Our support community is run by volunteers who work hard to help all Firefox users, but we can’t make changes to the design ourselves. Please help us improve Firefox by leaving feedback where the designers and engineers can see it:

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using a classic theme restorer would restore it to a theme i never used. i use a different theme that no longer looks anything like the old. so it is not as simple as going back to the basic looking ff. the whole reason that many love ff is the themes and extensions and when you make them look entirely different it is infuriating. anyhow. i dont care anymore about giving feedback and i do not care if firefox magically undid everything tomorrow.

many people make empty threats. mine is pretty simple. right now. i am migrating my bookmarks and settings over to chrome and i am gone. i stopped using ie about ten years ago and i have grown more and more angry at ff with every update as i no longer see improvements i see my familiar themes and extensions getting ravaged.

this is the worst ever. not just in looks and convenience...which is bad. but it was forced on me. what all the defenders of ff are ignoring is that i have updates off? so why did i google search and in seconds find tons and tons of fellow angry ff people who had this forced on them? who the hell gave them the right to ignore. i never allow anything to update automatically not just ff but everything.

do you know how many times on my android phone i stupidly used to update an app only to see it go unstable and read too late how everyone hates or has issues with the app? so i learned that you do not update anything until you give it a week or so for comments. had i been given a not so forced down the throat update i would have seen an uproar and for time being left well enough alone.

i hate this f'ng experience. i work 6 days a week year round, come home dead tired to spend my valuable off time trying to get my stupid browser to look the way i want to? absolutely ridiculous

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an update. no joke. first time in ten years i actually went thru with it and i am with google chrome. it is shockingly fast compared to firefox. i had been scared to try it i hate change.

but when i saw a helpful guy who hated ff 29 list the 40 minute long efforts one would have to do to simply get ff to look like it did yesterday? i realized it was a mistake to even do it. i had spent 20 minutes and only done one quarter of his suggestions and i realized since ff looks like chrome now i might as well get chrome. good bye ff. i am sad. but i am not a very techie minded guy and do not like change and i do not like any company that forces anything down my throat.........

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As I said before, I do not want to deal with some third party add-on that could compromise my browser's security just to get a refresh button on my browser. I just want the refresh button back. that's it. just let me right click, hit customize, and drag in a refresh button. that's all I ask. I seriously do not think I am asking for much here...

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although, I was very happy with latest 29 update, but it was a big disappointment when I did not find the Reload button in place where it used to be... The new place on the right of address bar is very unconvinient for me...

I am also voting to have a customization option to put it back on the left side...

Also, installing some addons and doing some "hacks" is not an option for me... I was trying to get it back for 2 hours but no luck.

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I have the same problem. This is a serious flaw, or design mistake. Either way, it's not good. Please re-add the ability to customize the position of the reload button.


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I just switched back to FF from Chrome, but that didn't last long. Why remove a button that useful when it doesn't cost anything to keep it? Stupid.

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yes dat is very annoying... I am waiting for new versions, hope they will fix...

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Please Detach the Refresh Button Firefox :(

what is the purpose of the "Don't Update" feature when you get the update anyway ???

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I also feel that the refresh button should not be forced to be in one spot. While you can still customize the placement of most of the items on the bar, it would be great to have full customization, like it once was. The reason this is annoying is because I, and most people, keep their Home, Back, and Forward button off to the left the mouse is always going to be drawn to that location when going to click any button dealing with navigation. Having to annoying move the mouse to the complete other side of the address bar is just a huge inconvenience.

Can we get used to it this way? Sure, but from a design standpoint, it doesn't really make a ton of sense. I'm fine with it being the default, but at least give us the option. It's something small that can be fixed, and something that potentially push people to move to another browser. I, for one, don't want to see this happen. I've always been a long-time supporter of Firefox and would like to see them thrive.

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I am very agree with that... Also it is on the left in Chrome and I already have a habit to see it there, and ofc it is nice to have main elements in one place...

besides, new refresh is small...

I usually use Chrom for browsing and FF for work, bhut this refresh really got me out of the comfort...

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I moved to Firefox from internet explorer because I disliked their, at the time, most recent update, which took so much away from me and made it just unpleasant to navigate. So I picked Firefox based off of the fact that I once used it on a Linux OS at a previous job. I liked the added customization and the add-ons it provided. it let me actually get comfortable browsing the internet again. But now I see the same flaws IE had cropping up. The removal of the reload button is just the beginning, I fear. I really don't want to have to switch browsers again, but I've already done it once before, so if need be, I will abandon Firefox like a plague-ridden corpse on a sinking ship.

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I started using FIrefox at version 0.9. With this one stupid change, it's the last straw - I imported everything to Chrome, found comparable plugins, and I'm done.

I stuck with Firefox through all the nonsense, copying all of Chrome's features (for better or worse). Now that I move over, it's a very similar experience - except I get a refresh button where I want it! Actually it feels faster and I prefer their debugger. I can see why people like Chrome.

Goodbye Firefox.

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I agree with ALL of the negative comments here, and most especially Sharkhark's. Your posts could have been written by me.

I've been monkeying with PCs since '92, been online since, '94, been using FF since around 2004.

This latest trainwreck that FF has forced on us is probably the worse I've seen, but software developers nearly everywhere are a worthless form of human life. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to change stuff just for the sake of change. Whether it is actually an IMPROVEMENT does not enter their pinheads. Windows 8 is another great example.

NEVER MIND that people liked things (and have gotten used to them) as they are. MOST OF THE TIME NEW UPDATES MOVE THINGS BACKWARDS. Software invariably becomes LESS USER FRIENDLY.

Yeah, yeah, I know all the excuses like "it's more stable," or "we had to do it for security reasons."

I've never used Chrome too much because it didn't have all the neat extensions that FF had. But some of the posters here are saying it has gotten a lot better and they have moved. I will fire mine up and check the extension availability and make a decision.

My main complaints about this latest disaster:

1) It was FORCED on me. I hate having ANYTHING forced on me.

2) There is no STOP button

3) There is no REFRESH button

4) The option of moving the tab bar below the address bar IS GONE.

5) A lot of my cool extensions are not working. There are more complaints, but none that come to mind at the moment.


I realize that FF is free, but I still thought the goal was to get the maximum number of people to use it. Obviously, they have some other goal.