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Websites show white screen when visited

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When I visit some websites, I see just a white screen with nothing on it - No text, no images, no spot nothing - just white.

Please note that I have tried the following things and none has worked for me.

1) I have reset Firefox - But no changes. 2) I have started Firefox with add-ons disabled - But no changes. 3) I have cleared the cookies for the websites - But no changes.

Even a few days back, everything was ok. But don't know what happens now. My Antivirus Kaspersky could not solve the problem. I have also used Malwarebytes ( Free Version ) to scan my computer. No malware was found.

Please help. What to do ?

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Often times there are extensions or plug ins that can be the culprit of some issues. Process of elimination has helped in the past, as well as trying to launch Firefox in safe mode (instructions for reference below)

Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions

Try Firefox Safe Mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that turns off some settings and disables most add-ons (extensions and themes).

(If you're using an added theme, switch to the Default theme.)

If Firefox is open, you can restart in Firefox Safe Mode from the Help menu by clicking on the Restart with Add-ons Disabled... menu item:

If Firefox is not running, you can start Firefox in Safe Mode as follows:

  • On Windows: Hold the Shift key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
  • On Mac: Hold the option key while starting Firefox.
  • On Linux: Quit Firefox, go to your Terminal and run firefox -safe-mode
    (you may need to specify the Firefox installation path e.g. /usr/lib/firefox)

Once you get the pop-up, just select "'Start in Safe Mode" Safe Mode Fx 15 - Win

If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one. Please follow the Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems article to find the cause.

To exit Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.

When you figure out what's causing your issues, please let us know. It might help others with the same problem.

Thank you.

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What are the web addresses you are having problems with?

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@ guigs2 . I have already done those things. But none of them worked.

@ FredMcD. These are some of the websites which shows white screen. Please note that none of them are blocked by ISPs. I have checked them with my friends and they can access them.

1) 2) 3) 4)

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You can check here for common causes:

You can check the Network tab in the Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+K) to see if content is requested and if there is any response.

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Hi cor-el

the website recovered mysteriously. I visited Used Ctrl+Shift+K. It was blank. I opened a new window just to take a good screenshot to post here. But in the new window I can access normally. And after this I can access the site.

But I cannot still access other sites . The other 3 websites that I have mentioned above show white screen after clicking Ctrl+Shift+K. The new pop up window that appears in the bottom, just contains the toolbar. It appears that no content is requested and there is no response. There is no text there.

So what to do now ? Please help.

more options stopped working again. In the network tab, it is showing No Requests.

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You need to refresh the web page (F5 or Ctrl+F5) to make Firefox create a net log or a network log in the Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer)

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@ iamjayakumars, I have created a test profile and performed the standard diagnostics that were given in the 2nd link. But the problem persists.

@ cor-el, I have followed what you have said and has uploaded the result below.

Please help.

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@ cor-el Please visit this url to see the image.

Note :- Kaspersky detected the following threats in my computer. And all are form Firefox profiles. Does they cause any problem. I have deleted these files. But the problem starts before detection and continues after deleting the files.

Please visit this url to see the Kaspersky deleted files.

Please help.

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I fixed the problem. I selected Control Screen Print and saved all my passwords in Firefox to another program. Then I downloaded Firefox 23 (a stable version) from Internet Explorer browser onto an USB drive. Then I used CC Cleaner to uninstall Firefox on my laptop. I selected to keep my apps and personal information when CC Cleaner asked me if I wanted to (it's free or Google it). Then I installed the stable Firefox version 23 from my USB drive. Started up Firefox and everything worked just fine. The problem is an issue with the new version of Firefox and it's a real problem that needs to be fixed by Mozilla real soon.

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@ boral

Is there any page source shown if you check that via the right-click context menu?

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@ MissionMusic
It's good to hear that you have fixed it. I will follow your path if I can't solve this problem in an easy way. Thanks for your reply.

@ cor-el

I visited It was white as usual. I did this :-
Tools > Web Developer > Page Source
and I get the following result.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">
<html><head<title></title></head><body> <!--This is a comment. Comments are not displayed in the browser--> </body></html>

Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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Hi borel,

This happened to me this morning when I went to a video site. I am not sure if this is related, but I resolved the blank screen by deleting all of the history of that page in the History Manager and refreshed the page after restarting with cor-el's instructions. Is it possible there is a corrupt cookie for that page?

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Hi guigs2

Good to see that you have resolved the problem. I am still suffering from the problem. Sometimes it happens that if I open a new window and want to visit a site, then after refreshing it appears. But this is not normal.

Also I want to ask you :- Is your problem permanently solved ? I mean the next time when you are trying to visit the video site, can you access it without deleting history items and refreshing the page.

I will wait eagerly for your answer.

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@boral What happens if you try to access those sites from other browsers in the same pc?

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Hi Manojit Ghosh

In Google Chrome an Internet Explorer also I cannot access the site. It seems that my antivirus is causing some problem as there is an extension ( though disabled ) called content blocker. So I removed my Kaspersky Pure Antivirus and so the extension got removed.

Now I found that sometimes ( NOT all times ) I can visit the sites after refreshing after say 4 to 5 times. But this is not a normal thing. Any idea what to do ?

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Since you are having difficulties accessing those sites from other browsers also this problem is not related to Firefox. The problem lies either in your pc or in your internet connection. ________________________________________________________________________

I have faced this same issue before several times. I had to contact top-level ISP personnels as guys who work at customer support were too lazy and the problem was too complicated to them. I suggest you do the same.

Athraithe ag Manojit Ghosh ar

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boral, yes I did not have to refresh the page however I do not have an antivirus- shame on me- and a firewall on my network I tested on. It happens to me when I leave the browser open with many tabs for a few days.

Though since you said this also happens:
  • in other browsers, and
  • from time to time when you turn off the antivirus, and
  • it comes after refreshing the page 4-5 times,
  • and it says that the profile folder is the issue- (Content Blocker)

It sounds like the response is not reaching you for that site at all. You can check from the computer if it ever reaches the site by doing a ping to the dns name. This will give you a hint if it is just that site being blocked on your network path.

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Hi guigs2,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please say how to do a "ping to the dns name" ? I don't know it.

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