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Firefox crashes

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Just randomly crashes - we tried all the recommendations and nothing seems to help: updating add-ons; drivers; windows; opening in safe mode did not help; do not have that "bit??" program;
One way that it always consistently crashes is when trying to download the add-on Hebrew Calendar - it starts to download and always crashes within seconds after and before it finishes the download.

Report ID Date Submitted

bp-3fc31df7-a7a0-4037-a029-454aa2131212	12/12/2013	10:15 PM
bp-b3704d80-cb8a-48cb-926b-86d2d2131212	12/12/2013	10:13 PM
bp-46b5f03f-4c6d-49d6-b352-2bd222131212	12/12/2013	9:43 PM
bp-1d02342e-9dd1-4fc4-b4b1-4fa5f2131212	12/12/2013	9:39 PM
bp-2f6826c9-3a19-40a7-89fe-659b22131212	12/12/2013	9:37 PM
bp-018484c2-ce32-434c-a07d-140bb2131212	12/12/2013	9:28 PM
bp-f03666d3-c025-4f98-8948-b30112131212	12/12/2013	9:25 PM
bp-bea4e687-1984-4325-b142-26e6c2131212	12/12/2013	9:23 PM
bp-e5bf883e-e784-4cb4-b870-df0332131212	12/12/2013	9:16 PM
bp-a48dd514-9134-4095-bc51-15ac72131212	12/12/2013	9:14 PM
bp-b84ab5f9-e4ad-49f2-a7e4-40dbc2131212	12/12/2013	9:10 PM
bp-19aed21a-29c8-4597-8021-a00132131212	12/12/2013	8:59 PM
bp-69b148bd-278e-45a4-aee6-88b122131212	12/12/2013	8:27 PM
bp-b6bd0814-accc-4512-813e-5c8212131212	12/12/2013	8:24 PM
bp-02ab32ed-401c-4b33-b0b7-fa3de2131212	12/12/2013	8:20 PM
bp-6b9e83d4-baec-4fce-8198-f608d2131212	12/12/2013	8:17 PM
bp-7f214fa0-f5e5-4332-9448-c3b142131212	12/12/2013	8:11 PM
bp-ce4d6220-0d1c-4edb-8a18-3d0e02131212	12/12/2013	8:02 PM
bp-c3bc81f3-c535-43c1-9f2c-6d1e62131212	12/12/2013	8:00 PM

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Réiteach roghnaithe

I went to options -> sync and unchecked add-ons - hasn't crashed since. So at least for now it seems that was the problem - thank you.

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Okay here's the last crash that just happened

I just disabled Universal Downloader 20.0.1 and Flash Video Downloader - Youtube Downloader 4.0.8. Let me know what you fine out in the last crash...I appreciate your help.

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Hi themofoman, the last two crashes do not sound familiar to me (I'm not a developer and I only look at a few dozen crash reports per week). To try to make some modifications to possible problem area, could you turn off the JavaScript "just in time" compilers? Unfortunately, this will slow down script-heavy sites, so you might just run it for a day like this.

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.

(2) In the search box that appears above the list, type or paste java and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the following preferences to flip them from true to false:

  • javascript.options.asmjs
  • javascript.options.baselinejit.content
  • javascript.options.ion.content
  • javascript.options.ion.parallel_compilation
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Okay, here is the last crash after turning off the JavaScript "just in time" compilers.

  • bp-228b9c8e-fbde-4ad0-8b05-173a82140101

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Hi themofoman, that crash signature is very common and doesn't point to a specific cause, at least as far as I can tell. Hopefully someone more technical can weigh in.

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Here are some more crashes one right after the other.


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I've looked several times but I don't see BitGuard on the computer. I'll try 2 and 3 later...thanks.

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I found this topic last night because my Firefox 26 has been crashing randomly often when it was just open with a blank tab & I wasn't using it. I went through all the normal things like disabling/removing add-ons etc... nothing worked. I decided to scan for malware, I used (free) & it found 26 search bar related trojans that my anti-virus software missed. After everything was removed & cleaned Firefox hasn't crashed. Firefox didn't look or act abnormal (other then the crashes) so I wanted to share in case someone else has a "hidden" problem causing the issue.

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(Also see my post above If you have crashes include the crash ID s please.)

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