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Trying to Sync on new device but getting "incorrect password" message after several resets

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My desktop died but I was able to get the recovery key. When I go to sync on the new computer with my email address/password/recovery key, I get "Incorrect name or password." I then follow the prompt that tells me to "enter your email address here and we'll send you an email with instructions and a key that will let you reset your password." I set up a new password and then login to the account management portal. The problem? The password is not recognized when I go back to Firefox/Set Up Sync/I have an account/I don't have the device with me/Sign In/. I've reset about 6 times today to no avail.

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Hello their have you tried to reset the password on the following site Firefox Sync

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Same problem here!!! I've deleted my account and started from scratch and after re-registering I tried to sync my Nexus 10 with my laptop and keep getting incorrect name or password message and this is with being logged into sync so how I can have the wrong anything is beyond me,,, then when I logout and try to log back in it tells me I have the wrong name or password sooo I go and reset my password and again it says I have the wrong name or password,, something is really whacked here.. I'm very tech/computer savvy and this is definitely a Firefox issue and honestly I'm ready to bail on it completely.. love the idea of syncing my laptop browser with my table but this is futile...

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Try to remover all the cookies.

Try to create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

See "Creating a profile":

If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from an existing profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over the problem.

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Thanks for trying cor-el.. I deleted my profile completely and started from scratch and sadly with no difference.. Luckily I have my profile on my main computer and will use MozBackup to reinstall it back on this laptop.. Like I said the idea of syncing with my tablet is great but obviously doesn't work for everyone :(

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From the number of postings today about "incorrect password" messages from the Sync service, I suspect that there may be a problem with Sync Services on 09-20-13.

I just checked Sync 02:42 CDT 09-20-13 in a Profile that I have setup for a manual connection to Sync and received no errors.

Sorry, that you are having a problem with Sync. If you type about:sync-log in the Address Bar and hit Enter you should be able to see the "Sync Log" listing. By clicking a "log" hyperlink you can open that "log" file.

Lines with Sync.Status to the right of the timestamp on each line might reveal something about your problem.

Lines with Sync.ErrorHandler data might be helpful, too.

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I have the same problem. A friend of mine also. We both installed Firefor for the first time since format. Firefox 24.0. If i go to i can log in just fine. I believe the problem is with Sync in Firefox itself. I also tried creating a new account which was successful but didn't receive any email and when i try to login same error. On the website i can login just fine. It's a very annoying bug.

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Were you using Sync before that format, and are now trying to recover your data?
If so, were you using on multiple devices? Or just on the device that you you formatted? - only requires your Username / Email address, along with your account Password. Where connecting to the Sync Server thru Firefox for data transfer requires an additional credential - your Sync / Recovery Key.
Do you have that Key?

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Can't speak for aequilibrium but in my case this was the first time I synced Firefox with any of my devices but what is strange is I'll use the option to reset the password and use the email link to reset it and all seems fine until I try to log, then even though I just reset it correctly a mintute later I will try to log in during the sync and I get the incorrect name/password message when obviously it should be the correct name and password seeing it accepted the password change.. I'm going to try syncing with my main computer to see if the problem is between my laptop and Firefox, I imagine it is not but would like to rule it out.. If it doesn't work then I think I'll give chrome a try seeing it already automatically syncs flawlessly between my laptop, Galaxy S4 and Nexus 10 Tablet, I just wish firefox synced because honestly I just like Firefox MUCH more on my PCs..

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Thanks for all the feedback. It's oddly reassuring that others with much more tech skills than I have encountered the same problem. I will try resetting my profile.

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yes i do have the key for my old account. The new one I created did not send any key or confirmation email. The error refers to username/password not the key.