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The windows of the Windows bar are already a form of tabs, so I don't need them in Firefox. How can I disable them completely from Firefox 23?

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RE: TABS ARE WINDOWS! The Windows bar already functions as a tab bar. Those tabs are called "windows." So, I find Firefox tab windows superfluous. How can I disable them completely from Firefox 23? I don't need what is essentially TWO windows bars covering up the entire width of my widescreen monitor's image! I already have a Windows bar at the bottom of my screen and, if I really wanted to, I could change ITS position to the top of the screen, so that it would LOOK like the Firefox tab windows bar. Firefox TABS are, essentially, a superfluous SECOND WINDOWS BAR.

Here are my reasons for why I'd rather use Mozilla's Firefox, than Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Google's Chrome. I love and admire Firefox for Mozilla's intent on good security, for Firefox's Personas add-on, and for Firefox's free use of the Ad-Block add-on which, as you know, has the distinct virtue of reducing screen clutter--the last of which is my motive for wanting to get rid of the SUPERFLUOUS Firefox tabs "windows" bar. I am dreadfully sick of companies forcing miscellaneous bars (mostly representing marketing campaigns trying to sell me something) into my browser (and down my throat) every time I download something. (In case you haven't guessed, I am deliberately referring to your Firefox tabs bar as a "Firefox tabs 'windows' bar," because TABS are WINDOWS!)

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You can also have a addon to open all new tabs in a new window.

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In Firefox 23, as part of an effort to simplify the firefox options set and protect users from unintentially damaging their Firefox, the option to hide the tab bar was removed.

Fortunately, this can easily be resolved if you desire the keep tabs hidden. You can install "Hide tab bar with one tab", an extension hosted on Mozilla's add-ons site, which will restore the ability to hide the tab bar.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

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I don't think you get my question. Obviously, this add-on helps. However, my main point is that TABS ARE WINDOWS! I don't need Firefox "tabs" at all! Because, I ALREADY HAVE tab windows in my Windows bar!

Windows has windows in the Windows bar. I don't need TWO windows bars--I don't need, both, windows in the Windows bar AND windows in the Firefox tabs bar, because, as everyone already knows, tabs are windows!

Tabs is the Mozilla Firefox brand name for windows that are in Firefox. I recommend that you stop calling them tabs. They are not tabs; they are windows. Admittedly, you can call them whatever you want. You can put a brand name on them. But, they are STILL WINDOWS--not tabs. I don't want tabs, because I already have them--in Windows, in what is called the "Windows bar." Do I make my question clear? Am I failing to describe the question properly and understandably? Or, do you just not have the answer? I understand that "tabs" is your name for windows within the browser. The problem I have is that I want to turn them off! Savvy?

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Let me clarify even more. The Firefox add-on you mention does not remove "tabs" windows. It only HIDES the "tabs" bar when there is only one "tab" in that window. It DOES NOT end "tabs." It does not turn "tabs" off.

I know this, because, even with the add-on you recommend, the "tabs" bar often re-appears when I open a link, which--for some unknown reason--Firefox defaults to opening in a second "tab" within the same window, rather than putting it in a new Windows bar window. This, of course, disregards what I want to happen.

I want to use my Windows bar to control my windows. I do not want my Firefox browser controlling my windows--which it calls "tabs." Can you tell me how to shut off "tabs?"

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You can turn off tabs a bit more by going into Firefox > Options > Tabs, uncheck "Open new windows in new tabs".

I'm not sure why you decided to rant about tabs now, they've been a standard in Firefox since almost the beginning, and every other major browser has had them for years. You can use windows or tabs, it's up to you, but most users find tabs more convenient to use, instead of having multiple windows you can use tabs to view multiples pages at the same time.

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You can also have a addon to open all new tabs in a new window.

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"Tabs" windows have "been a standard" INTERFERENCE TO ME nearly since the beginning of Firefox, you mean!

I think the correct answer (as to why I've decided to "rant" about "tabs" now) is in your question. But, I'll ask you one: You're a "Top Ten" contributor?

Don't think that I'm not grateful for "tabs" windows: I appreciate them as an option that I can turn off.

Firefox went through a period where the "tabs" windows, themselves, were optional--don't forget. Although, I can't remember how many versions.

As to why I'm complaining now, you might have guessed, it's because Mozilla took away the switch that removes the tabs bar when only one tab is open, with Firefox 23. However, my question is two-fold: Mozilla turned off the button removing the tabs bar AND I DON'T WANT TABS AT ALL. While the first complaint is, as you said, the reason I'm waiting 'til now to complain, it is on the second part that you show an inability to answer. The Firefox 23 version is the cause of my timing. Obviously, the reason you can answer the first part of my question, but not the second, is because YOU'VE FORGOTTEN THAT "TABS" WERE NEVER NEEDED TO BEGIN WITH. This is probably a malfunction due to people's complaints not being complete enough to include that second part.

Yes, it is safe to guess that the second part is connected to the first while people are asking you to tell them which add-on will get rid of the bar, so, the next time you tell someone about the add-on for the first complaint, I recommend that you should also give them the add-on that resolves the second part of my question!

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Thank you, and thank Mozilla for a wonderful product that I continue to use.

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Tylerdowner said:


In Firefox 23, as part of an effort to simplify the firefox options set and protect users from unintentially damaging their Firefox, the option to hide the tab bar was removed.

Fortunately, this can easily be resolved if you desire the keep tabs hidden. You can install "Hide tab bar with one tab", an extension hosted on Mozilla's add-ons site, which will restore the ability to hide the tab bar.

Thank you and I hope this helps!"

I'm confused. HOW in the name of all things redundant did people start "damaging their Firefox" by removing those annoying tabs? I shouldn't need an extension (to an already bloated with extensions browser) to choose NOT to redundantly want to see or use tabs. Tabs are just minimized windows that show at the top of the screen and not just at the bottom. I agree with the other guy (arthurblenheim) in saying that there are whole cults of us who are NOT AT ALL HAPPY buying in to the crappy "Tabs" thing Microsoft started. Almost the beginning of Firefox is not always in Firefox.

If I open 6 windows, and minimize them, it is NO DIFFERENT than opening 6 tabs EXCEPT... Now I have 6 showing open on a tab bar and 6 showing open at the bottom. YOU ARE WASTING SCREEN SPACE USING TABS!

Now, the main point I have is... WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU REMOVE THE OPTION TO CUSTOMIZE AND REMOVE THE TAB BAR (ie REMOVE TABS ALTOGETHER?????? (Because obviously people are trying if they are willing to screw up Firefox to remove tabs!)

Don't tell me it's because of some really unintelligent people somehow "damaging" their Firefox because it's just as easy to check a box as it is to uncheck it. If it was because YOU (at Mozilla) removed the box altogether, then that was YOUR oversight, not the people who use Firefox. I await the Official Mozilla public answer. Just to be clear:


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That other forum is just your way of gathering all the cows and sheep in to one place so they don't contaminate your other users with a simple fact...

1 Window with 1 Tab = 2 bars open

1 Window with 10 windows open and minimized is the same amount of on screen space used. 1 Windows Explorer bar worth.

1 Window with 10 tabs is TWICE the on screen space used! 1 Windows Explorer bar and 1 Tab bar containing 10 tabs.

Hell, 10 tabs sometimes drops down a second bar line so that's even more!

You developers did NOT work on what the people wanted and expand the users choices. You limited them!!

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Yes limited them by defualt, you can download this addon though.

Then restart firefox.

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I did! I said in the other posts on that the Addon has a glitch flaw!!

It does NOT stop the browser from opening all links and new windows in a new tab. Don't for a second think that I don't know how to check and uncheck the boxes to remove tabbed browsing either! It does NOT completely disable the TAB BAR completely. It only hides it when there is only 1 tab. It does not stop the browser from only opening links in TABS.

So basically a useless waste of a addon and more bloated addons are not what Firefox needs! It NEEDS user customization and the freedom to choose what we want and how. Taking the foot/gun model and expanding the idea that the smarter users will remain, not the bulk unknowing users too stupid to check or uncheck a box! You developers think you're making life easier for yourselves. The problem is you're driving the smarter users away and drawing more lazy users who can't figure out how to use automated spellchecker!!!!

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Let me actually be more clear on the issue.

My browser setting dictate that a link should re-use the same window to open the link. NOW after installing that addon, it keeps opening new windows regardless of my settings on Windows. This is in addition to sometimes opening a second tab (I wasn't paying attention to what I did to make a second tab open) but as soon as a second tab is called forth, the tab bar is back and starts working as if no addon is there.

I suggest that before you keep pushing this addon off as a cure, you research the problem the developers had a hand in causing!

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haildarklord, does this addon suit your needs.


^ ^ ^ this seems to not have it, you have to enable it through Firefox button/Tools => Addons => Extensions => Tab MIx Plus => Prefrences

Hopefully this helps.

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What would suit the needs, and I'm getting a pretty big audience on my Facebook page reposting this stuff, is if Firefox had a way to remove TABS completely without an addon like we had before the development team decided to break something that wasn't in need of fixing.

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@ haildarklord maybe this can help, trying the best i can, refer to below.

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No, neither of those simply does away with the tabbed browsing bar completely, with no chance for it to be opened by clicking a link or button, or a favorite button. WHY does this escape you both? The general idea is NO ADD ONS, NO DISABLED WAY TO REMOVE TABS, and NO ADDON by a third party to blame so when it stops working and Firefox is left with NO way to block the TAB BAR, Firefox developers can just say it wasn't wanted or needed. IT IS WANTED AND NEEDED, bring back the options not 3rd party addons and bloatware!

Why is it so hard?! You MUST be one of those who use TABS because you don't seem to understand that I am not adding to the already over loaded set of addons running when I use Firefox. TABS are an option, to be checked or unchecked. I am also not taking to the idea of losing more screen space for a TAB block that does what the Windows Explorer bar already did/does/has done!!

Secondly, I am just the first wave of many many more people who will HATE the loss of the option of removing the TAB bar, but won't make their voice known. They will just leave.

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@Waka_Flocka_Flame I am trying to stay completely calm and explain this, yet again. It's not just opening a window instead of a tab. It's getting the addon to reuse the same window upon clicking a link. Got it?

Then again, it wouldn't be needed, if we just had a check box to remove the TAB bar to begin with!

Why do the smart people always get punished because there is a small amount of stupid people who can't figure something out?

Customization was always a cornerstone of the Mozilla/Firefox concept. Not removing issues, but building a working model that encompassed them.

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add this to a userchrome.css file to hide the tab bar completely


display:none !important;


refer to:

Also note we are not firefox developers (you will get no attention by devs here), you may get some dev attention if you write a bug or go to Firefox/Help > Submit Feedback

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Thanks for being patient though. Have you used the tabmix plus addon in my post upwards on this page? That has a option for opening all tabs in a new window. and my userchrome.css will remove the whole tab bar.

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