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how do i keep users (hackers) from seeing my code in firebug and web developer

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firebug and web developer is a fantastic tool i use it all the time. however it dawns on me that hackers can use it too. with the rise of hacking in the world, the advent of both of these fantastic tools also aids them in there efforts to destroy/steel what someone has made . I'm not a super programer and don't like the fact that anyone (which includes hackers) could see all or most of my code. when governments setup hackers to do nothing but hack websites then there should be a way to turn off the ability to see the code that someone has worked very hard to write. Is there a way to disable these tools from the web server and or website side.

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Even if you could disable this plugin for any web page, can you always look at the source code of a site, you can't prevent that unfortunately.

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granted that i won't be able to stop everyone but i don't want to make it so easy that even a 10 year old can hose me.

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Well, I guess every 10 year-old can *Right click "View page source code"*

Athraithe ag Mynry ar

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firebug and web developer does a lot more then just view source code.

as a thought just because a ten year old can throw a brick through the window of your car doesn't mean that you shouldn't have door locks.

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Regardless of the "tools" involved - Firebug, Web Developer, or View Source - you can't hide the code used to put together web pages. You can make it harder to copy by using SSI or PHP.

As far as destroying or stealing "what someone has made", if you want to keep something secure - don't post it to the internet!

Since this topic is not directly related to Firefox support - you need to find somewhere else to hold this type of discussion. Forum Rules & Guidelines .

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What i have learned from this exchange is that most if not all web browsers are HACKER friendly. The writer of a web site does not have a choice whether or not to expose his code to the world. Isn’t that kind of silly? I think this would be called anti security that would affect both the web site and anyone that uses the web site. It would be safer to post my code on you tube, than have hackers watch my code actively running on my website.

Web designers should have the ability to do the following. have A command that has been incorporated into the web page that would recognize by the browser to disable the viewing of code by any diagnostic tool of any type (I.E. Firebug, Web Developer, or even View Source) for example toolview = true or false. At least give us a choice.

Would you hang the key to your home on a nail next to your front door for all to see? Well if my bread and butter is going to be from my web site then I wouldn’t want the key in plain view for all to see. Would you?

Thank you for your help and have a good day.

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You would have to render your code in a plugin like Flash to hide its original code and only make a browser display the result. Any HTML code that is send directly can be inspected without problems.