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How do I block websites that I specify?

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In IE it's quite easy to block specific websites -- just enter website URLs on a "forbid" list and it's done. Can't figure out how to do that (easily) in Firefox.

In IE it's quite easy to block specific websites -- just enter website URLs on a "forbid" list and it's done. Can't figure out how to do that (easily) in Firefox.

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I am familiar with the IE restricted sites list which you can use to block active content and scripts on certain sites. Is that what you're looking for, or do you want the site to completely fail to load?

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Upon further reflection, you probably meant the "Parental Controls" feature. Firefox doesn't have this built in, but here are some articles with suggestions:

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I have been through the parental controls advisories, but they're more involved than I'd like. All I really want is a link, page, text box or the like that says "Go away, I don't want to see you."

You say you're familiar with IE's Content Advisor, Approved Sites dialog -- good, I'd prefer something like that. Just list the unwanted URL, then click on Allow this site: Never.


Appreciate your help.

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Actually, I don't use IE's Content Advisor myself -- I only use IE for an intranet application -- but I have seen the documentation on how it works.

If your objective is simply to prevent yourself from visiting websites that waste time, you can use an add-on like LeechBlock. However, if you need to lock it so that it can't be disabled or bypassed, you will need "real" parental control software.

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There are no specific adds on for firefox, if you want to add some unwanted sites to the blacklists, you have to install parental control software to block sites by url or keywords.

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I would also like to know how to block a website. I do not have any children, so parental control is not my problem. From time to time certain websites pop-up in a new window and I don't know how to stop them, I was hoping there is a way to just block them using their URLs. Not possible on Firefox?

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Hi rishburke,

If you usually allow pop-up windows, you can block certain sites from using them. You can review and alter your pop-up settings here:

(WIN) orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Content
(MAC) Firefox menu > Preferences > Content

You can use add-ons to prevent Firefox from loading certain sites. These include such favorites as:

Each of these blocking extensions works differently, so compare and find the one that works best for you.

Of course, if ads are the primary concern, you might also consider add-ons targeted to blocking ads. A well known one is Adblock Plus.

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My situation is a little different. I use Google for all searches and absolutely detest Yahoo. I have blacklisted and, but if I try to enter a website in the URL without using www or .com, pops up with suggestions.

I want to totally absolutely completely block any Yahoo functionality. Ideas?


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Hi cajflem, you may need to check for two things:

(1) Extensions which changes your search provider. This might not be obvious due to partnerships, but you can review here:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category

(2) Changed address bar search provider (keyword service). Please see this article for how to reset that, or try the add-on:

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I want to block this website from poping up. I have done it in IE but it now pops up in Firefox. I went to secutiry and looked for a place I can jsut block websites from poping up. but there is not. how do I blick jsut this web site

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Hi Dustywriter, while you should not give up on rooting out whatever is causing this address to load (see lots of stuff on that above), you can use an add-on to block sites by their domain.

For example (I haven't tried these myself):

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Hi Dustywriter, I thought this was a different thread. The discussion on channel157news is here:

"When I am finished an have shut down Fire Fox, I come back to my computer and I find that Fire Fox is open, and a random URL page is open."

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The add-on located here is just a simple domain blocker:

You just enter the domain name to block and it will no longer allow Firefox to load the domain.

Only problem is that it can be disabled easily by the user because there is not password to disable.

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there are two simple ways for me to block specific websites. first, editing the host file

  • Open my computer, and browse the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc In the etc folder
    look for the file HOSTS.
  • Open this file hosts with notepad.
  • Go to the bottom of the file and create. You can block websites by following the format:
  • Save the file and then the websites you added are blocked now.

It’s easy to block certain websites by using editing hosts file way. If you want to block many websites even keywords, professional porn filter is recommended.

second, use a website blocker

  • Download a professional Aobo website Filter.
  • Install the software to the computer.
  • Setting up the blacklist and a “white” list provided by Aobo porn filter. Besides the nasty,
   porn-related words prefilled in the blacklist, you can also customize it to include anything
   that you want to block. The “white” list is reserved for safe words and Web sites.
  • Save the settings and run the software.

The software works in stealth mode that your kids will have no idea that they’re being blocked.