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command click to open link in new tab no longer works in google scholar

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Well the question basically says it all. Starting a couple of weeks ago, i have not been able to command click links to open in new tabs (I am on a mac, OS X 10.6.8). This includes links to google books as well as library links. This only happens on google scholar. It also happens in 'safe mode'. I have contacted google support who have stated that this is a browser issue. They have not changed the coding of the scholar site. This is very frustrating. I have used FF for years and am now going to have switch to Safari, whose own command click function continues to work in google scholar. Any thoughts/ suggestions?

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Hi jagensky

try to clear cookies and cache from Tools > Clear Recent History > Time range to clear select Everything > click on Details and check Cookies and Cache > Clear Now .

and, try to delete the cookies.sqlite file and any cookies.sqlite-journal files in profile folder (in case cookies are corrupted), see how to do that : Remove corrupt cookies file

thank you

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Hi. Thank you for this. But unfortunately it does not help. Can you (or anyone) confirm that you are able to command click links in google scholar to open in a new tab? And let me know your version info (FF and Mac OS)? At the moment command clicking does nothing.

Thanks for the help!

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Same here. I cannot open new tabs with CMD + left click. Nothing happens. I tried it on different computer with Ubuntu and Win7 (Firefox 16.0.2) and right now on FF 17 .0.1 (Win7).

Extremely annoying...

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So this functionality no longer works across platforms? The outstanding question is whether this is an issue with FF or with google scholar. Although as I mentioned, tech support the latter have stated they have not changed anything. Is there any way to get an official FF response?

This is super annoying. I now have to use safari, which is not my default browser... and has other annoying problems of its own!

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In Safari the problem does not occur. That hints to a FF issue, no? Well, the most logical conclusion would be that it's an issue common to FF and Google Scholar. But it hadn't appeared in earlier versions of FF, and since they churn out a new version almost every week, they could fix this faster than Google, I think.

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This problem doesn't occur on Opera or Chrome on my systems, too. Everything seems to point to FF.

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Yes this issue is definitely related to Firefox. As I stated at the outset, the command click works fine in safari (although I prefer not to use it due to its restriction of automatically opening enw files in EndNote).

I was curious as to whether the issue was triggered by new coding on the part of Google scholar. Doesn't seem that way. Although I am still curious whether some of the style coding of the scholar page is creating issues... Given that command clicking works on every other page including regular Google searches...

The point though, was to generate some leads as to where this problem may best be addressed and what is the best language with which to do so...

Any advice on how to actually get these questions to Firefox support? That is how I wound up here in the first place!

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I have this problem too since very recently. OS X 10.6, FF 17.0.1, Adblock Plus and NoScript installed, Google Sharing currently off. I'm giving Google Scholar temporary permissions, so NoScript shouldn't be involved.

Since Google is seriously getting on my nerves with their delusional data collecting, I very much prefer to stay with Firefox than any other browser. I know Google is trying to sabotage especially Firefox (I get all sorts of annoying messages when viewing Google Groups lists etc., but at least they can removed with some #div AdBlock rules)... but there should be a way to fix this?

Thanks so much anyone looking into this.

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The problem disappeared for me in FF 17.0.1, but for aeeimsttt ist appeared. Strange. Right now I'm updating to FF 18. I'll be back in a minute...

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Still works in FF 18. Sorry, I have no idea, what changed. I didn't change my plugins or something.

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I'm experiencing the same problem, even after disabling all add-ons in FF 19.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.8.2. Using the web console I get the following report when I try to command click on a link in Google Scholar:

Request URL:
Request Method:
Status Code:
HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Request Headers
User-Agent:Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.8; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0
Accept-Encoding:gzip, deflate

Sent Cookie
Response Headers
X-XSS-Protection:1; mode=block
Date:Wed, 13 Mar 2013 14:49:17 GMT
Content-Type:text/html; charset=UTF-8

It seems like the HTTP/1.1 204 No Content message might be part of the problem?

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