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Firefox 17.0 doesn't warn me when closing multiple tabs any more

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hi all

Having updated to Firefox 17.0 (from 16.0.2), for some reason I don't get warned when closing multiple tabs any more.

I've confirmed the relevant options are selected and am 100% certain this was working fine before updating Firefox today.

I've replicated the problem on my vista 32bit platform and on XP 32 bit too.

I also looked at the changelog for Firefox 17 but can't see any explanation for this change in behaviour, although I wonder whether this might have something to do with it "772319 No option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt."

As I use Tab Mix Plus (add-on), I've also checked Firefox in safemode and have found the native tab warnings not working, so have concluded it's an issue with Firefox (rather than something to do with an extension).

I've checked "about:config" and "browser.tabs.warnOnClose" is set to true, as is "browser.tabs.warnOnCloseOtherTabs".

Any help would be appreciated.



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weird it's finally working. so nvm i guess

Read this answer in context 👍 0

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And they are or where posts/forums on the issue but they have since been edited/deleted because I'm the 3rd person I've seen, in person, with my issue. My mom's and my sister's computer has it too. there is a post about it i just have to go find it.

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You only stated many times that your warnOnClose settings are set to true, until you were asked for the 42nd time to post your setting of warnOnQuit.

When you finally did, I did not ask "everyone to give their opinion", but anyone else to confirm that "TMP is not the issue it's 17.0+" like you said.

Which is false according to the observations of gazzawazza and myself.

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What i meant was TMP itself was not the issue an incompatibility with changes in FF17+ which is why it has to be disabled because the two just don't mix.

Athraithe ag NekoNekoMew ar

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Mozilla is not responsible for the correct operations of add-ons as long as the given functionality is not affected without the add-ons being activated. Which is, again, applicable in this case.

As for the sentiments according to their update policies (and side effects), please refer to the statements in my posts on the first page of [this] thread. That should say it all.

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hi Murphy

Interesting development:

Got a report that TMP dev build tab_mix_plus- and FF 18b2 correct the warning problem.

I've not tested it myself though.

Please note the above dev build breaks the TMP options in FF17.0.1 but apparently is ok with FF18beta2.



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Thanks for the news, Gary!

Please let me know once you got a confirmation or you've tested it yourself, because I don't wanna mess around with different versions too much until it's known to be safe to upgrade from 16.0.2 again.

So long, murphy

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Hey Murphy

Confirmation is as per my link - it appears to be working for the admin on the TMP forum.

However, I've not tested it myself ;)

Tbh, I don't like mucking around with betas unless I've got a specific problem to address, which can't wait (as you know, betas can fix one thing then break another).

The scheduled release of FF 18 is for week beginning 6th Jan, so was just going to grin and bear it. Also, I'm getting used to the no warnings on closing!

If I was in your position, I'd stick with FF 16.0.2, unless there are any security fixes in 17, which make it important to update.

Here are the summary release notes. Scanning the list I can only see an HTML5 security adjustment.

FF 17.0.1 doesn't seem to do much but I've only given the list a superficial scan:

All the best,


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I meant a confirmation OF the information in the thread you linked to, which didn't seem that much reliable to me but rather a bit confused.

Indeed I'll stay on 16.0.2 as posted before, because it would happen to me too often that I would close windows with more than a dozen tabs open :|

As for the possible security problems, I was also considering that in the thread I referred to in my previous post ... I'm not surfing too risky ;)

Maybe we'll meet again in January, happy holidays!


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??? you mean you actually get a warning when you close multiple tabs with TMP? We haven't seen a close-multiple-tabs warning with TMP installed since FF3.6.

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Yes, with FF 16.0.2 it's absolutely no issue and works like charm.

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My experience,

1. Install firefox 17.0.1.

2. Test "warn me before closing multiple tabs". It should be ok.

3. Restart firefox. Open three tabs.

4. Use panorama . Move one tab to a new tab group.

5. Quit firefox. And you will find "warn me before closing multiple tabs" doesn't work now. And it won't anymore unless you reinstall firefox. (Even the "reset firefox" can't help.)

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I saw an useful answer by Fanolian on forum.

The panorama issue seems related to this one. Which mentioned "Closing multiple tabs warning doesn't work correctly when the "Show my windows and tabs from last time" option is selected".

After installing firefox and using panorama the first time, the "When Firefox Starts" item will be forced to be "Show my windows and tabs from last time". (Is this a right reaction?) Thus, after using panorama, consequently, "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" doesn't work.

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@NotarySojac i have have always received a close tab warning with TMP enabled till 17.0.

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hi all

Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build resolves the no warning issue.

Tested with FF 17.0.1



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I have the same problem.

TMP is NOT the reason, because I don't use it.

All worked fine until FF 17, so a FF 17 bug seems to be the reason.

I wonder, that this fault is not detected automatically in the regression tests, because start / stop and read / write config are the most basic necessary functions.

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I'm noticing this issue too. I've never used TMP and have all my other add-ons disabled. I have my browser.warnOnQuit set to true, yet when I go to File > Quit, I'm not warned. I noticed this on Firefox 19.0.2 on 64 bit Linux and Firefox 19.0 on 64 bit Win 7.

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hi Dgmdan

I've replicated your problem on FF 19.0.2 on Vista 32bit, both using TMP and in safe-mode i.e. NOT using TMP.

Please note that if you use the window close button (top right), the warning DOES appear.



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Thanks - so can this be considered a bug? It seems like browser.tabs.warnOnClose=true has the desired effect but browser.warnOnQuit=true is ignored. I run into this a lot because I use CTRL+W to close a tab but I'll occasionally hit the wrong button and do CTRL+Q instead, as the keys are next to eachother. This closes the whole browser without a warning.

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Hey Dgmdan

Did a quick search. 3 listed entries on the matter:

I think all are still open but don't look like they've been allocated.

Comment 9 here:

Points to here:

which has been assigned.

Tbh, it's a bit painful wading through all the detail to answer your question with certainty but the problem is documented and bug 550559 is at least assigned.

Finally, and most importantly, there's a workround listed under bug 550559 / comment 27:

Workround is via an add-on. I've NOT tested it so am making no assurances whatsoever. However, feedback seems to be that it works:



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I am a hardcore firefox fan since the days of firefox 2.0. I have celebrated with ,y college mates when firefox 4.0 was released and there was this art showing the map of the world with statistics about number of downloads.

I always update firefox to latest stable build as soon at is available and at the time of writing this comment, 20.0.1 is the latest stable build. I am running windows 8 32 bit on dell vostro laptop.

Now, I have been experiencing this bug since the day firefox 4.0 came. I want to tell the motherfucker developers that do your fucking job and solve this simple looking bug. I am sick of reading comments suggesting users to tick the option in the "tab" section. We are not dumb you asshole !!! Firefox is for power users like many of us and most of us also know how to use about:config to set those three tab related option to true. If you Google a particular phrase "Firefox closes without warning" ( you will find at least one post describing this bug for every firefox release and every post has similar kind of answers. WTF, are you doing developers :X :X :X. Some of the comments say that this is happening because of some shitty tab related addon but in my case I don't have any such addon and even if some shitty addon fucks my firefox setting why ain't I be able to restore it by ticking the option from options dialog again and why that is not getting unticked automatically as soon as some addons fucks with it.

So, finally, let me tell you my observation which I think can be helpful to debug this problem in the future releases of the firefox. One of the comment says to select option that says "Show my windows and tabs from last time" in general section of options dialog. I am very much concerned about my privacy and I don't want some motherfucker government or company to hijack my session and still my cookies and browsing history etc. which is why I always run firefox in private browsing mode which I have ticked in privacy section of options dialog. I have also tried to use never remember history options in the same section. Both of these option disable the option I mentioned in the first statement of para. So developers, you need to focus on that part as I can't think of any reason for relation between privacy/session settings and warning while closing multiple tabs by mistake. Another important observation is that if multiple windows of firefox with multiple tabs in each window, are open this bug does not occur if I try to close one particular window which may have one or more tabs open. Some of the comments I have read before suggests to reset firefox profile folder which I guess is equivalent to fresh installation of firefox. In that cases, surely this issue is resolved but that is just for very short duration of time. This bug occurs again irrespective of the ff version you are using and how many times you have repeated resetting your profile.

I hate myself to comment in such a harsh manner but that's how much frustrated I am right now because of this bug. I am also a software developer and if you have read my comment till this point and you contribute to the firefox project than please try to resolve for the sake of our beloved firefox.

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