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i have firefox 13 and realplayer 15 but the download this video option does not work,in extentions record plugin is disabled,if not videos don't play in youtube

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i have Firefox 13 and real player 15 but the download this video option does not work,under extensions browser record plugin is disabled,but if enabled videos do not play in youtube,error occurs,this is great inconvenience,it works well with IE but i prefer Firefox so any help to rectify the matter is appreciated.

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A possibility is to downgrade to Flash 11.2 and re-enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension in the Add-ons manager (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) (it's a softblock).

If you need to revert to Flash 11.2 then you can download the Flash 11.2 player via this direct link:

You need to uninstall the Flash 11.3 version.

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You should be able to download videos now with RealPlayer. If you can't, just make sure the separate standalone Real Downloader is not installed.

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       I told Dakota66 what to do 13 hours ago. Please read what I said to her, as well as my full explanation of what's happening and the best workaround until this is fixed. It's all there, all you have to do is read it. 

       You have to reinstall the 10.3 Active X for Internet Explorer for RealPlayer to work properly, even with Firefox - because if you uninstall the 11.3 using Adobe's uninstaller first, it uninstalls ALL versions of Flash - that's why you're getting that message.  Here's the link to the page that has direct links (no confusing zip files) for both versions of 10.3. Simply click on the link and on the page that opens, just click on the version for Internet Explorer.

      Also, make sure the separate, standalone Real Downloader is not installed - it will conflict with the one in RealPlayer. Also, make sure you enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension in the Firefox Addons Manager - Tools>Addons>Extension>RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin. Firefox is supposed to be disabling that temporarily by default although it frequently is not.

To Install Adobe Flash 10.3

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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Hi Everybody,

      One thing I want to clarify , once and for all. Adobe's, and then Firefox's idiotic instructions, if you can't view videos after the Adobe Flash updated to 11.3, to "First" try turning off Web Download and Recording in RealPlayer , and then to disable the RealPlayer download extension and finally,to uninstall RealPlayer are not even accurate, because turning off Web Download and Recording removes the extension anyway. More important, though, is that this came from an Adobe engineer reporting that turning off the Web Download...... feature allowed him to see videos. But obviously if you do that,you're not able to download videos with RealPlayer on ANY BROWSER. Somebody asked if there could be as instruction to roll back the update,  since he was still using an older version and wasn't having the problem, but he also was using very old versions of Flash and much older versions of Firefox and RealPlayer, so a Mozilla Developer didn't pick up on that excellent suggestion, only because of the very old version of Firefox. This was an engineering troubleshooting step to find the cause of the problem which does  involve an interaction with RealPlayer with Flash and the new Protected Mode feature. But it was still caused by the update, so there should have been much better coordination in the beta testing stage and I hope all three companies have learned from this - stay tuned. 

     Meanwhile, they're still working on it. This should NEVER have been turned into a workaround instruction for users of Firefox and RealPlayer. Yes, I know they eventually added, only as a last resort, the instruction to roll back the Adobe update. It should be a first step - or even simply change browsers, because this problem only affected Firefox, not the other browsers.

     This is a very complicated issue and RealPlayer has a separate team working on a permanent fix for ALL problems with RealPlayer and Flash , and they're still testing the ongoing workarounds which I've tested and they work for me, but not for some of the engineers. You don't need to know any of this, I'm just posting it to explain why all the confusion you keep reading about this issue.

       RealPlayer is also the ONLY company that was agreeing with my suggestion to roll back the update as a great idea, and some of their techs had been recommending that from day one. Their Developers finally approved a KB article which were basically my recommendations to roll back the update to a previous version or change browsers, with the third step being to disable Protected Mode - an advanced step, but they have a video on it. I'm not linking to that article because they're getting approval to correct it with a better previous version number.

        Please see my other post on this thread "Hi To All Freaked Out Firefox and RealPlayer users",  for detailed instructions on the best choices and links to the Adobe uninstaller and how to install an earlier,safe version of Adobe Flash.

PS We're trying to modify those instructions at my insistence,(finally getting some support) to turn off the feature only if you're not using it, otherwise you can revert to a previous version of Flash, where you can use RealPlayer with no problem.It's a reasonable modification. I advocated that rollback on June 11 and I still DON'T recommend turning off that feature, because even if you don't think you need it,(most people do), the first time you want to download a video and can't, on ANY BROWSER and don't understand or remember why, you're gonna have a problem. But at least the modified instruction is more reasonable if it gets approved. Firefox is trying to disable the extension but it's not disabled for some of the engineers, and not for me. But you could even change browsers and use RealPlayer for downloading, as long as you don't turn off Web Download and Recording . That's why that step and certainly the one to uninstall RealPlayer make absolutely no sense, especially since there are far better choices for you.

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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@ steandric, Hi,

      What's missing is the Active X version of the 10.3 for Internet Explorer which RealPlayer needs to work, even with a video using Firefox.

I explained this in my other reply but I just want to make sure you see it. If you ran the Adobe uninstaller first, it uninstalls ALL versions of Flash so you have to reinstall both versions, not just for Firefox, but the Active X for Internet Explorer also. Just click on the one for Internet Explorer.

To Install the 10.3 Adobe Flash


Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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Hi Zitronius,

     I think it's a little more complicated than that. The Web Download and Recording feature does not show Firefox - I wondered about that but figured out why. It's simply that turning that on automatically enables it for IE and Chrome, but with FF you have to check the box in the pop up window to allow the installation of the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension. I tested it. If you turn it off, it completely removes the extension but turning it back on, does NOT automatically reinstall it, that's the difference. 

     This all started with Adobe's defective update to 11.3 on June 8, and it certainly is interacting badly with RealPlayer. That's why I suggested to RealPlayer that their Developers needed to coordinate this with Mozilla and Adobe. But you also have to remember that all three programs are interacting in this. To make it seem as if Firefox is just an innocent bystander is ridiculous. That's why the engineers of all three companies are working on this. 

      But your point that there was poor beta testing - I've been saying that from the beginning, except that Mozilla is to blame almost as much as Adobe and RealPlayer, mainly because of the obvious lack of coordination by the Developers of all three companies. If you don't think so, answer one question for me. When Adobe was beta testing the 11.3, where was Mozilla saying ....Hey! we have to participate in the testing too before we allow you to install it!?! Same for RealPlayer, which is certainly involved in this interaction according to the engineers and what they're testing now. Remember who has the problem here - it's not Chrome, it's not Internet Explorer, only Firefox.

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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Hi CheckMate,

May I ask what and where is that "pop-up window"? (line 4-5).

Thanks you for all your help so far.

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Hi steandric,

      You mean  the pop window that I referred to in the reply to Zitronius right before this post?  That's just the routine pop up window that opens usually only when you first install RealPlayer. When you open Firefox it needs to install the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension so the pop up window asks you to. It says "a program wants to install...." and you have to check the box to allow it , that's all. It's only for Firefox that it works that way, not the other browsers. I think it's an extra security feature.I was just explaining to him that the reason that RealPlayer doesn't list Firefox in Web Download and Recording feature for installed browsers is simply because the download button extension doesn't get activated automatically by turning on Web Download and Recording the way other browsers work. You still have to have it turned on (it is by default), but you also still have to allow the extension  to be installed when you get that pop up window which you only get automatically once, when you install RealPlayer. 

      It's nothing you have to look for. It comes up automatically only when you install RealPlayer. I was just testing how Web Download and Recording works by intentionally turning it off which removes the extension but then when you recheck the Web Dowload and Recording feature in Preferences to turn it back on, you then get the same pop up window asking you to allow it, only because it was removed, that's all. I was just trying to show him a different reason why Firefox is not listed in "these installed browsers". I had wondered about that myself for long time and finally figured it out. It's all normal, so don't worry about it. You probably don't remember checking the box to allow the installation of the extension in that pop up window because it's so routine, and it only happens once, unless you turn off Web Download and Recording and then turn it back on.

     Did you install the Active X version for Internet Explorer? Is everything OK now?  Your frustration with this mess is certainly justified.

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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Hi CheckMate

I agree about "But your point that there was poor beta testing - I've been saying..."

To The first point "I think it's a little more complicated than that...." I think there is a misunderstanding.

I have a german RealPlayer and I hope to translate the menu items of RealPlayer correctly: Up to Firefox version 6 when you install RealPlayer and look after the installation in the RealPlayer-preferences under 'Download & Recording" there were shown 3 icons : IE, Chrome and Firefox. Since Firefox version 7 this Firefox-Icon in the RealPlayer-preferences is missing, only IE and Chrome are remaining. I tried it now once more: deinstalled Firefox 13, installed Firefox 6 = Icon shown; updated to Firefox 13 = Icon shown no longer. Because of this I think RealPlayer doesn't recognize the Firefox version v7 and higher correctly and maybe this is a part of the whole problem. But maybe I'm erring.

For me the whole thing is no longer a problem - if I want to record or download with RealPlayer I use IE or Chrome or I use the Ff-addon video-downloadhelper. And I'll wait was future breeds.

Athraithe ag Zitronius ar

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Got it and things are ok now (with downgraded10.3) though I still want very much Adobe+FF+RPlayer could sort this mess out asap once and for all for all their future new versions. Thanks.

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Hi Zitronius,

     I understood what you were saying   But I realize you're only saying it again  because you thought I misunderstood you. It is confusing, and your guess did cause me to examine it and figure out why it's normal for Firefox to not appear on that list. So I'll explain it again, maybe a little better.

      You were saying that because Firefox is not listed as an installed program in Web Download and Recording since version 7,"Cause since Firefox 7 there is no longer a Firefox-Icon shown in the RealPlayer VideoDownload-Preferences (not yet in v15,0,5,109 too" and that since the Flash update 11.3, the download button doesn't appear on any version of Firefox, through version 16, that RealPlayer is not recognizing Firefox and that therefore  "It's not a problem of Firefox: Firefox is the main program, but Adobe FlashPlayer and RealPlayer Viedeo Downloader just the plugins/addons - they have to adjust their plugins to the software versions of Mozilla Firefox, when they offer these corresponding plugins!"

       It's true that most of the problems here lie with Adobe and RealPlayer, but NOT for the reason you're saying - the Web Download and Recording list of installed programs. And my point about Firefox was very simple - they ARE to blame, almost as much as Adobe and RealPlayer, mainly for not coordinating the beta testing with the other two companies. Just because two different things happen doesn't mean one caused the other and I'm referring to the Download and Recording feature not including Firefox on the list. Of course there's bad interaction with the extension, and disabling it doesn't work for many people ( me either) to allow viewing videos. And turning off Web Download and Recording doesn't solve all issues either.

    The fact that Firefox isn't on the list of installed programs to be enabled by Web Download and Recording is NORMAL because it is NOT enabled  like the other installed browsers are by that feature unless you first allow the installation of the extension..that's why it's not on the list - not because it's not recognized but because it's not available automatically by that feature ( even though the feature still has to be turned on for the extension to work). That's how the program works. I said that I had always wondered about that too, ( not being on the list). But I also knew  that there must be a normal logic to it simply because the program always worked right. But when you jumped to that conclusion that not appearing on the list was a symptom of RealPlayer not recognizing Firefox, I decided to figure out a logical explanation for why that it completely normal for Firefox. Please read my detailed explanation again - that is the logic.  Whenever I see something like that in any program that I don't understand, even if it seems like a mistake, the first thing I always ask myself is "Is this really normal - is there something I don't understand about how it works". It was a nice guess, though.

       However, I absolutely agree with what you were saying about the fact that the download button stopped appearing on all versions of Firefox with the 11.3. I've been saying that literally from June 10 when I did that update and immediately couldn't see video content . It was obvious what caused it - the Adobe defective Flash update and then learning of RealPlayer's interaction with it but the exact causes are very complicated. That's exactly why I've been recommending rolling  back that update from June 11 on. And when you do, Firefox CORRECTLY is still not on the list of installed programs to be enabled by turning on Web Download and Recording, yet everything works perfectly - RealPlayer, Firefox, Web Download and Recording, and the earlier Flash version.

        When you were saying that the issue of "no download button on any version of Firefox"since the upgrade to 11.3 indicated that this was caused by Adobe's update 11.3, that's EXACTY RIGHT. The update and RealPlayer's interaction with it are one the main source of the problems,(the other is Protected Mode) but NOT for the reason you're saying. It's NORMAL to not be on that list and that does NOT have anything to do with RealPlayer not recognizing Firefox.

     You are suggesting that, but I not only explained but tested it to prove it, but obviously only with an earlier version of Flash Player (the 10.3 that I've been recommending) Apparently you didn't test what I did, but if you were using an earlier version and if you  turn of Web Download and Recording for all installed browsers in Preferences - restart your computer -  then open the Adddons Manager in Firefox and click on Extensions and you would now see the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension is gone - not disabled but removed. You could no longer download videos with any browser using RealPlayer. Then, if you turn on the Web Download and Recording feature ( check the box)  and restart, and open Internet Explorer and try to download a video, IE will say the download button "is available for use", you only have to click "enable". The download button now works. Now if you opened Firefox  you would now get the pop up window asking you to allow it to install the  addon. Try NOT checking the box to allow it. I guarantee you , you won't be able to download videos with RealPlayer until you install that extension, even though the Web Download feature is turned on! That's why it's not on the list - simply because, unlike for the other browsers, that feature alone  doesn't make the download button available for use (though it still has to be turned on) until you install the extension. I also said it's an extra security feature in Firefox to have that allow request.
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     Glad everything's OK now. Just a reminder. Either change the setting to "Never check for updates" in the Control Panel>Large Icons>Flash>Advanced tab>dot the lower choice, or just ignore any popup that insists it's fixed - it's not and you should check the forum before you do any Flash update for now. This is gonna take a while so just be patient.

      As far as future problems, Adobe said they're going to coordinate better with Mozilla in the future, and RealPlayer is doing that right now. I too, hope they'll learn something from this mess,

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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Has there been any progress on this issue? I used the workaround of uninstalling Flash player 11.3 and installing 10.3, but I would like to be able to upgrade to the latest version, but I will not do so until I see some evidence that the issue has been resolved in a later version of either Flash Player or Firefox.

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Hi TampaTom,

Adobe has released version 11.5.502.110 for the Firefox plugin and for Internet Explorer for Windows 7 - for Windows 8 it's version 11.3.376.12 for Internet Explorer. I've been testing it and it seems to be working fine with Firefox 16.0.2 including with RealPlayer, if you're using it.

You don't have to uninstall the 10,3 version first if you're upgrading, only when downgrading, according to Adobe.

Click on the link below using Firefox and Adobe will automatically tell you the browser and operation system you're using and the latest version of Flash Player for that browser. Copy and paste the link in the address bar of Internet Explorer to upgrade the Active X Flash for Internet Explorer. Follow the instructions. Remember to uncheck the McAfee box first if you don't want it installed.

Check the updated version in the Control Panel to confirm it's correct. Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a program.

Important: You have to update Internet Explorer's Active X Flash version ( it will install automatically if you just follow the above instructions), even if you're not using IE because certain programs, such as RealPlayer, require it even if you're using Firefox.

Install Adobe Flash for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Athraithe ag CheckMate ar

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CheckMate: Thanks for your response. I installed Flash 11.5.502.110 on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, when I tried to view a Flash Video in Firefox, it did not work. My memory of the problem was a little off; when I try to view the Flash video, the area of the screen where the video should be is simply blank.

I am using Firefox 15.0.1, but unless you think installing Firefox 16.0.2 is important, I think for now I will uninstall Flash Player and go back to Flash 10.3.

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I'm using Flash Player 11 Plugin 11.4.402.278 (Installed 6th Oct) , Firefox 16.0.2 (Installed 1st Nov) and RealPlayer 15.0.4 and the download works.

I'm reasonably sure it was working on Firefox 15 as I was concerned about upgrading Firefox as the download issue may return.

I'm now concerned about letting Adobe upgrade to 11.5.

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I was looking at the Tsunami series of videos on YouTube yesterday. When I went to play video #4, it wouldn't play. I went back to video #3 that had just played flawlessly and it wouldn't play.

I have done everything that some Mozilla page said (sorry I didn't save the URL) about making sure everything is up to date. I updated Windows, Firefox, Flash, and Real Player. It still doesn't work.

I downgraded to Flash 10.3. It still doesn't work.

I found a forum page with posts going back as far as March of this year. I believe the problem has been going on longer than that. AT LEAST EIGHT MONTHS AND NO SOLUTION YET!!!! (Can you hear me screaming?)

I hate to be this way about my favorite browser, but I don't think anyone at Mozilla cares and I believe they are stringing us along with hope that they will one day fix the problem. They won't.

I see people saying it is a Flash problem not caused by Firefox. Baloney!

Videos I want to see work very well in IE and they work perfectly in Chrome. If they can work in IE and Chrome, then Mozilla can figure out how to make them work in Firefox. PERIOD!

I have spent enough hours of my life following your worthless "solutions". Email me when you actually deign to provide us with a solution that works.

Athraithe ag OlWill ar

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Did you try to clear the YouTube cookies?

Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.

"Clear the Cache":

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: "Clear Now"

"Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do not click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.
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coe-el, Thanks for your concern and for your reply but I'm wondering why I should do all of the Geeky stuff you described when I can simply change to Google Chrome where I don't have to delete cookies or any other techno-procedure to get things to work?

In my original post, I said that this unconscionable situation has been going on for at least 8 months if not more than a year. If Mozilla intended to fix the problem it would be fixed by now. Rather than blaming the other guy, they would have found a way to make FF compatible with Flash and whatever else they are blaming it on.

It is still my opinion that FF is by far the best of the "Big Three" browsers. The trouble is that it doesn't work.

My purpose here is not to hurt anyone's feelings but to spur someone to action to fix this problem before you have no user base left.

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