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FF13.0 DEP crash

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I just saw a Firefox 13.0 DEP crash.

The troubleshooting information below is from after I restarted it.

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I captured a picture of the initial crash message.

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Hi again milesrf,

Please post back with how you get on after disabling the Real Player Record.

I do not fully understand the crash report but have put further info into the post, it may help others.

I am making an educated guess here, but I do note you are using RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 15.0.4 There are known issues with that and a recent FlashPlayer version. Try disabling or uninstalling that. Hopefully that will stop the crashes.

Hope that helps,


For cross reference purposes in the forum

And further info about the FlashPlayer problem

Also note

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Also check for problems with other plugins.

Try to use "Firefox/File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit") to close Firefox if you are currently doing that by clicking the close X on the title bar.

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Even though RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 15.0.4 is disabled in Firefox, you may need to turn off the Web Download & Recording preference within RealPlayer if it's causing the problem. Doing so will remove the "RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin" extension from the Firefox Add-ons Manager.

  1. Launch RealPlayer
  2. Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper left corner of the window and choose Preferences.
  3. Choose Download & Recording from the left hand panel
  4. Uncheck "Enable Web Download & Recording for these installed browsers"
  5. Click OK and close RealPlayer
  6. Restart Firefox

Athraithe ag AliceWyman ar

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And if turning off the Web Download & Recording preference within RealPlayer doesn't help, Firefox 13.0.1 will be out today and may resolve the problem. since it includes a fix for crashes at shutdown related to Flash 11.3 protected mode (bug 747683).

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RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin is already disabled, but I don't remember doing it. Some software may have done it automatically.

I'm not sure if RealPlayer is the software for which I've seen a recent notice that there is no version compatible with 64-bit Windows Vista.

I was able to capture two pictures showing several more recent crashes of 13.0. See the attachments.

Shortly afterwards, 13.0 would not start at all. I guessed that this was due to the less than complete defragmentation on this computer, so I shut down most programs and started a defragmentation run. Two days later, it wasn't finished, but I accidentally stopped it. 13.0 ran better since then, so I may have guessed right.

I have now installed 13.0.1 and will look to see if it happens to fix this problem more thoroughly.

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Did you check for other plugins (or extensions that use binary components) causing the DEP issue?

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I've now captured a third page of the crash list. However, if I try to view the crashes, I get a message about them being throttled - not all on the server yet. They do not appear to be viewable on my computer if they haven't been sent to the server successfully.

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Not yet, but I haven't seen the problem again since I installed 13.0.1 and restarted Firefox.

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The reason RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension is disabled is because Mozilla blocklisted it. See Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox. Even though RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 15.0.4 is disabled in Firefox, you may need to turn off the Web Download & Recording preference within RealPlayer, as explained in the article, if it's causing the problem. Doing so will remove the "RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin" extension from the Firefox Add-ons Manager.

The plugin-container crash (bug 765176) appears to be one of the problems fixed in Firefox 13.0.1 since it's a duplicate of bug 747683. Let us know if you have any more crashes since updating to Firefox 13.0.1

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uninstall firefox and then re-install firefox

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Two more crashes when I thought I had installed 13.0.1 but hadn't told it to restart. It still showed the version as 13.0 then. I then turned off the preference within RealPlayer and restarted Firefox. No crashes since then, but I'll need longer to decide if that's a fix or only an improvement.

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There's another plugin-container crash issue (bug 763276) which was recently reopened. You'll need to keep the RealPlayer Web Download & Recording preference turned off for now but you can try re-enabling it after Firefox updates. You can also check with RealPlayer to see if they will be updating their software to work with Firefox and Flash 11.3. See also

Athraithe ag AliceWyman ar

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P.S. If you updated to Firefox 13.0.1 but didn't restart Firefox, then you didn't really check properly to see the plugin-container crashes would stop. You might want to re-enable the RealPlayer "Web Download & Recording" preference, then enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin in the Firefox Add-ons Manager Extensions list and test again.

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I've now found that 13.0.1 made the crashes much less frequent, but didn't completely eliminate them. Only two crashes under 13.0.1.

I wasn't able to see enough of the 13.0.1 crash reports to tell if they are still DEP crashes.

The RealPlayer options are still disabled.

Testing is now rather slow for me; it takes at least a day of Firefox for a reasonable test, since I haven't found a way to reliably make it crash.

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I see nothing on what to do with the Flash plugin to fix or reduce that problem.

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edit Install FlashPlayer 10.3

The current advice with most of the recent FlashPlayer problems is to uninstall FlashPlayer 11.3 and to re-instal Flash Player 11.2.

Our Knowledge Base articles have been modified accordingly, see for instance the current version of Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again

(From yesterdays crash report you are using 11.3
plugin Version: Filename: NPSWF32_11_3_300_257.dll )

Athraithe ag John99 ar

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You can uninstall the Flash plugin and then install a previous version, to see if that works better for you. Note that the latest Flash 10.3 version (available here) includes all known security patches. If you wish to install a Flash 11.2 version, even though it is less secure, you can download the plugin installer for Flash using this link:

Athraithe ag AliceWyman ar

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Alice, thanks for the advice that 10.3 is the better option (Our KB articles AND canned response may need changing again)

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