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How do I resolve incompatibility of Adobe Flash with Firefox 13.0?

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As of 6/10/12, Adobe flash 11.3 would NOT work in Firefox 13. On any web site. I had no problems with IE. I run Vista, latest update.

None of the posted answers on this site solved my own particular problems.

This is how I successfully addressed the issue:

1) I removed all Adobe Flash caches as directed in .

2) I uninstalled all instances of Adobe Flash through Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

3) I restarted my computer and Firefox.

4) I opened YouTube in Firefox. It directed me (automatically) to install Adobe Flash Though I was aware of that version as the version previous to the current version (11.3), I was unable to locate it for download on the Adobe site.

Flash then worked again in Firefox 13.0.

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My initial fix unfortunately only lasted for about an hour.

As what I thought would be my final coup de grace, I disabled Adobe Flash's protected mode - .

That did the trick. Flash now works in ALL web sites. Google Earth also works.

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Hi mathman, thanks for that report. I think Flash 11.3's protected mode runs on Windows 7 but not on Windows XP. Perhaps that's the difference?

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What is Flash 11.3's protected mode? If that is the problem, how to turn it off?

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Hi mathman, here are some Adobe articles on protected mode in Flash 11.3 for Windows Vista and Windows 7:

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Latest peculiarity. I installed flash 10.3 and marked not to update. This morning I found that Adobe had installed flash 11.3, so I had to uninstall and put flash 10.3 back. I am trying an experiment of leaving Firefox open all the time. Any idea if this might work?

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Leaving Firefox open didn't work. Adobe disabled flash 10.3 and set up to install flash 11.3, leaving me stuck. When I closed Firefox, flash 11.3 got installed. So I had to uninstall it and install flash 10.3 again. It looks like I'll have to do this daily until Adobe fixes Flash 11.3.

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Latest news. Adobe seems to have become aware of the problem. When they installed flash 11.3 this time, they did not remove flash 10.3. Although flash 11.3 still doesn't work, I was able to disable it, so that flash 10.3 would function instead. Net result streaming videos work and I (hope?) won't have to go through a daily ritual of removing 11.3 and installing 10.3.

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It seems I was a little premature. Flash 10.3 was removed again, so I had to go through the usual procedure - uninstall 11.3 and install 10.3.

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Flash 11.3 and Firefox 13 or Aurora 15 is not compatible end of story. Haven't been this shitty since i ran Firefox 1.5.

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Hi christianhberg,

Flash 11.3 and Firefox 13 or Aurora 15 is not compatible end of story.

I run Flash 11.3 on Firefox 13 on three different computers (1 WinXP, 2 Win7). The incompatibility appears to be related to particular configurations, but I suspect not all of the details have been tracked down yet.

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Flash 11.3 was updated today (7-13-12). Although it fixed the original problem, it left a new problem behind.

Original problem: Streaming videos did not appear (Windows 7 + Firefox). This was corrected.

New problem: Realplayer download option no longer works (Windows XP and Windows 7 + Firefox).

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Hi mathman, normally you can enable or disable the Realplayer add-ons on the following page. Is that not working?

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions category

Of course, I'm not saying that Real and Flash can peacefully coexist after the latest updates; let us know what happens.

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After I realized the problem with the latest Flash 11.3 I uninstalled it and installed Flash 10.3 (which I had been using recently) and things went back to normal. I did not do anything about the Realplayer plugin before or after.

Also I would like to point out that the Flash 11.3 problem started on June 23. Before that (earlier version of Flash 11.3) things worked fine.

My conclusion is that Realplayer plugin is always working. When I check the list of plugins, all plugins relating to Realplayer are enabled.

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