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How to disable GPU acceleration, really?

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I disabled GPU acceleration from settings menu but it is not effective. I did it from "about:config" menu "gfx.direct2d.disabled -true" but also not working. I did disable for all extension to check them but still have problem.

The problem is firefox using my GPU on maximum clocks even for a simple page scrolling. It causes GPU clocks go up and down continuously, and VGA cooler also speeds up and goes down which creates cooler noise fluctuation. It is really irritating.

Only thing I can do is to run firefox in windows xp compatibility mode. But this is just an interim solution.

Now I updated version 11 and this still not fixed. I wrote about this problem a few times but still nothing.

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Please also see this.

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No luck, this could not help. Even I open any txt file, I get maximum GPU clocks during scroll. So I think this poblem comes by firefox itself, not from any page acceleration.

I wanted to check whether, reason is browser or vga hardware or software. But I do not have this problem with other browser.

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You can check if Firefox is still using hardware acceleration in Help (Alt + T) > Troubleshooting Information, Graphics towards the bottom. Please also see this for the two types of acceleration Firefox does. You can also try the Hardware Acceleration Stress Test linked on the page.

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Ohh, I copied the Troubleshooting Information on my language. So this is it, GPU accelerated pages=0

I also checked Hardware Acceleration Stress Test. If I enable gpu acceleration in the menu I got 60+fps with maximum gpu clocks. If gpu acceleration is disabled the result is 12fps and GPU clocks is fluctuating between basics and maximum clocks.

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GPU accelerated pages=0 means Firefox is not using acceleration. The spike in the GPU clock when scrolling could be the Windows graphics acceleration. You can also try to file a detailed report here.

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I do not have this issue with iexplorer or chrome. If GPU acceleration is enabled, it is on default clocks with this 2 browser.

Windows desktop composition is enabled and GPU can hadle it on default clocks.

Thanx for trying to help me, but it seems we will not find solution for it.

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No problem. I'm sure there would be a better explanation from our users and contributors here who may be very familiar with the hardware acceleration troubleshooting tools.

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I do not have this issue if firefox running with disabled desktop composition. Also there is not problem if running windows server 2003 compatibility mode or lower. Problem comes with higher compatibility mode, windows 2008 or vista. So i use it in win 2003 compatibility mode until solution. But in this case the design is poorer.

Anyway I do not think for displaying firefox, full clock (power) of my 6870 vga is needed.

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You may have a valid point regarding Aero and Firefox. You can file a detailed report @ bugzilla. The Mozilla developers would be able to sort this out. Filing a detailed report would also be helpful in the ongoing development of Firefox.

Before that you can also try to check this in a new new profile. This would ensure the default settings. If the new profile is okay, you can later copy the needed personal data from the old profile. Firefox stores your personal data and settings in another location separate from its files/folder. A new profile would have the default Firefox settings (Tools (Alt + T) > Options, and about:config ), and usually would also be empty of any Extensions and themes (Appearance) in Tools > Add-ons) and their settings. Also, a new profile would have no previous stored website data/settings etc., (Tools > Clear Recent History).

Profiles Howto

Profile Folder & Files

about:config Entries

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I was not using firefox during this 4 month. Now I tried again new Firefox 14.01 and new amd catalyst version but the problem still same. Unbeliveable.

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How do you monitor GPU usage? What impact does it have on your browsing experience (I understand that the processor is busy, but does this impact your use of Firefox)?

Please note that the Flash plugin will use hardware acceleration independently of the Firefox setting. Turning that off involves a different procedure:

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Hi I use a gadget (GPU observer) for this and I see GPU clock, voltage and cooler rotation is fluctuating. I do not have problem with browsing experience my problem is this cooler noise fluctuation. I hear it and it is irritation. I have amd 6870 vga and I do not think for browsing it has to work on full GPU clock. Of course flash hardware acceleration is disabled. As it was figured out in previous posts windows 7 aero and firefox together are responsible for this fluctuation. When desktop composition is disabled or firefox running in windows server 2003 mode this problem does not exist.

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Thanks for your reply. I was running XP previously so I wasn't aware of the meaning of the "Desktop Composition" checkbox on the Compatibility tab (right-click Firefox desktop icon > Properties > Compatibility). I've seen a couple of other posts on "fan noise" so this might be worth a try for those users, too.