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Did you guys put Text Enhance in the Firefox browser?

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I now have really annoying green underlined text with pop ups all over the place, did you guys put this into the browser? i didn't want such a stupid annoying thing. how is this supposed to enhance firefox?

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remove toolbar that is installed by Vuzedownload software. and all undeline text disappears :-)

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"See this "opt-out" page for that service -"

This is a parasite interted onto our systems. They clearly have the morals of a slug.

I'd be very wary using the link suggested above to actually contact Text Enhance & entering your personal details into their 'opt out' form. Your details will probably end up being sold to dozens of spammers & other parasitic low lifes

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My text enhancement was an extension by Adobe. Disable Adobe shock wave object. It will stop once you close browser then reopen it.

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It was SpeedPage addon for Firebug. I disable it and all underlines dissapeared

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I notice something happening with e-mails lately - some of the words are highlighted in green and double underlined, and it turns out that they are embedded links to websites that I do not want to look at. For instance where it says 'Date' in 'from ...'line, a nasty little pop-up window comes up advertising a dating service - what the f...? If your cursor floats over the green underlined word, the window pops up - no clicking needed. Are you getting the same thing? I got an e-mail from a friend which had the word 'psychic' in it, and I accidentally opened the link to see a cheesy and badly designed website advertising a psychic service.

I am absolutely steaming!!! I just found out what the green underlined words are. It is called TEXT ENHANCE - Some clever marketer out there in 'net land thought it would be a great way to generate income (they must be kidding!!) for advertisers to have an embedded link in personal e-mails that gives us poor hapless consumers the opportunity to check out services and products we might be interested in (NOT!). Uh-huh. My response to that is F#$*@!!! How about the advertisers paying US for piggy-backing their s--- on our e-mails. Now just imagine, you get an e-mail saying you are fired, and ho-ho-ho, one of the embedded links is to a job search site - or you get an "I am breaking up with you..." e-mail, and there it is - all the dating services you could possibly want.

I had to click on variety of keys to OPT-OUT. The right button on the mouse or keypad gets you to that link.

Anyone wanna lay bets on what the next bull-s--- marketing scheme will be?

Kay in Los Angeles

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everyone seems to have a different answer but none of it seems to be working for me. i can opt out if i never clear my cache again but thats not acceptable to me. if firefox cant help me get this unwanted and annoying program off my computer I wont be using firefox anynmore. it has to be related to using FF because I dont have it using chrome

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Had exactly the same problem as you guys. Mine came in the form of a Babylon Tool bar. Disabled and problem was solved. Thanks for the direction. Ed

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Thank you verry much :-)

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The cause is usually an "Add-On" that gives firefox permission to add an additional Virtual Graphic Layer" over the web page.

I my case the add-on product was YONTOO LAYERS Removing this from Tools>Add-Ons>Extensions & reboot immediately fixed. There are other add-ons that do this too

This is a better fix than opt-out, cookie removal settings etc. as it actually removes the cause of the problem  ;^)

Good luck.

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worked like the proverbial charm; thanks.

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Two days ago it said, "please update your flv player". I know that when installing all those free software tools like video players, torrent downloader, etc etc one has to uncheck those tickmarks which want to install browser plugin like TEXT-ENHANCE.

So what I found out is that, even you uncheck those tickmarks, still, those browser plugins are installed and later on you have to remove them from your browser via extensive uninstaller tools which also search your registry to remove those entries from there too.

In sum, the global internet community has to once again stand up against such aggressive attack of business men and to rap them on the knuckles. As soon it says, "free software", you can be sure they go for your browser to have it infected with business links. To have Firefox programmed in such a way to not have plugins installed that easy without my deliberate decision.

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I did not have a toolbar by Vuzedownload , but I did add (just yesterday - 1/3/12) the Vertical Toolbar from by GOMITA. I disabled it & restarted FF. Now I think the problem is fixed (so far). Even the underlined link that consistently brought up the popup for "FREE" stuff has disappeared! Thank you so much! (Btw, the opt-out trick did not work, for me anyhow).


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Thanks again marc.nj. What an awesome support system Mozilla has!!!!

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I am having the same problem and I am the owner of the site. The hosting company is not adding it, I certainly did not add it and, checking source after it download shows that there is no code whatsoever that implements that &*%^. it is exactly the code I wrote and put on the site. Since it doesn't happen in Chrome, IE or Safari I really don't have a choice but to assume it is in Firefox.

Please advise and not with an ad blocker solution. I own the site!!!!!!!

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I just spent like 12 hours and for me it was installed with the latest google update. Once I removed it from the add-ons area, text enhance was gone as well as google power search which kept overriding regular google search ... the nerve!

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if you use the you must never block their site or delete their cookies afterwards as the "antidote" cookie needs to be refreshed daily since it expires in 24 hours (guaranteeing them at most a hit a day). Plus you have to optout multiple times if you use multiple browsers. I "de-enhanced" five browsers simultaneously (IE,FF,Oracle,Safari and Chrome) by disallowing third party flash at the following link - make sure that the second tab setting "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer" is UNCHECKED

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I resolved this problem by disabling the Shockwave Flash plugin (ver.

Here are the events that led to the problem: 1) On the add-ons manager, plugins tab, I clicked on Check to see if your plugins are up to date. 2) The Shockwave flash plugin was found to be out of date. I clicked on a button to update it. 3) I downloaded the file install_flashplayer11x64_mssa_aih.exe and ran it. 4) The program was supposedly running the upload, but it appears to have crashed. 5) I killed the update program. From that moment on, I noticed the text-enhance.

Doesn't give one much confidence, eh?

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Hi, I've had that problem with 'text-enhance' and went into my mozilla extensions (as suggested by 'jamzward') - go to Firefox menu, click add-ons, then click extensions. Then I found a suspicious extension named: 'yontoon (drop down deals)' and have disabled it, now no more underlined words...yay!!! You can also use the text-enhance opt-out option (just google search it to find it) but it's only temporary as text-enhance works on your cookies in that if you opt-out then clear your history including cookies as you shut your computer down then start it up at another time, you will get the 'text-enhance' again so you'll need to not clear your cookies after you opt-out to have the opt-out option remain.

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more options try this it will fix the issue for you. It is freeware and does a good job.

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