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how do i downgrade from FF 5 to FF 4?

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the question is all the info i need to put in :)

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Réiteach Roghnaithe

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You're not doing anyone a favor by helping them revert to Firefox 4 which isn't supported any longer.

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the-edmeister - the 1st reply IS really helpful and yours totally NOT as the question posted was how do i downgrade to FF4 - NOT pontificate over the rights and wrongs of doing so

Athraithe ag sarsons ar

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Good informative reply to a common request, well done.


Why not just keep quiet with such useless remarks..................

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Sorry, I won't blow smoke up your bum and tell you what you want to hear, if that advice is wrong. If you guys want accurate support information, with your best interests in mind, you'll learn to listen to the people here with the most support postings and "solutions"; and who have been offering support advice for more than just a few days. If you want the hear what is easiest to do or get the wrong answer, listen to the posters who may not have anymore experience with Firefox than you do.

I happen to be a moderator here, and it is my "job" to advise users when incorrect information is posted in an answer to their question. In the spirit of MYOFB, please this:

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sarsons Just so you know, the Firefox 4.0.1 is insecure and not supported now as it has not gotten any security updates since 4.0.1 release in mid April as 4.0.1 is the last for 4.0. Basically use Fx 4.0.1 at your own risk.

Yet the 3.6 got a security update to 3.6.18 on June 21 and Firefox 5.0 was partially a security update and bug fixes in place of Firefox 4.0.2.

If the problem is due to Extensions being not compatible with Firefox 5.0 then there could be updated versions or a easy way around that.

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The problem ia to scroll in the x-y plane in some applications. it has nothing to do with extensions just ff being crap. my solution is google chrome


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all i know is that FF5 has serious problems on my mac. i need to undo it. there's no advice anywhere about how, so i'm left to follow the tidbits of advice i find here.

(serious problems: new windows won't open. ff freezes. entire system freezes. various websites no longer work. pretty much complete showstoppers - i've lost a great deal of faith in the FF team for this boondoggle.)

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The link on this page requires a username and password to access, without that this solution doesn't work. You can downgrade to 3.8.16 at

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My company uses a proprietary web app to run the front desk and sell services to clients. The purchase feature in our software breaks in FF5 so I need to downgrade to an older version until it is fixed. I think this is a valid reason to downgrade. I can see how to downgrade to 3.8.16, but not 4.0.2 is there a way to do this for Mac OS X?

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I did as follows, as advised in some other page, of this forum: (Posted by geturdarshan: Thank you):

Downgrading from Firefox 5 to Firefox 4.0.1 or older versions

1. Visit in your browser.

2. Open Firefox 4.0.1 folder >Win32 folder >en-US

3. Download and install Firefox setup 4.0.1 exe file

You’ll be automatically downgraded to Firefox 4.0.1 and your favorite add-ons, bookmarks and settings will remain untouched and disabled add-ons will be enabled...

It worked perfect!!

Athraithe ag web4low ar

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! HereWeGo2. Also, thank you for telling us what we want and not what someone else thinks what is better for us! We are adults, with clear, concise, reasoning mental capabilities, therefore, it is us who knows better what we want than some faceless name who only wants to tell us what they think is better for us. Whoever that 'the edmeister' is, you need to go outside and spend a few days or weeks in a social setting because you are losing contact with real people and you are becoming more like your own computer - you are an automaton. Thank you again HereWeGo2, especially for your honesty.

Athraithe ag vking ar

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thank you for having this up.

I love FF, and after having some bugs I decided to upgrade from the old V3 I was running on my home desktop; I am running XP on my desktop - and was repeatedly seeing V5 freezing up - probably because it was allocating too much memory for my system...

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If FF5 worked people wouldn't need to downgrade. Theres still no fix for the freezing problem