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Firefox 4 -- Is it the worst browser ever?

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I was using Firefox 3.??? and was prompted to upgrade to a newer version. I agreed to up-grade to 3.6.16 but when I went to download this I was fed Firefox 4. I have tried using 4 for about two weeks on an old Vaio laptop running Windows XP. It is unbelievably slow and crashes in every other site. Watching video online? Forget it. I loathe this new browser.

I have just uninstalled 4 and reinstalled 3.6.16. This was very easy (a) download 3.6.16 from FileHippo or similar source. Go to your [drive name]:/programs/mozilla/firefox/uninstall folder and click on uninstall. Do not click the tab which uninstalls your personal bookmarks and add-ons etc. 4 is gone. Don't need to reboot. Just click on 3.6.16 and install. Everything up and running in one minute. 3.6.16 is what I expect from Firefox -- easy to use, lightening fast, and no site crashes (except when visiting this site, curiously enough). Will be staying with 3.6.16 for a year or so to give the nice folks at Mozilla time to (a) tar and feather those responsible for this fiasco then burn them at the stake (b) scrap 4 and (c) go straight to Firefox 5 without stopping at Go or picking up $200 as they pass.

So, my question, is Firefox 4 the worst browser ever? I dunno but it is certainly the worst Mozilla browser I've ever tried using. Do you agree? Discuss.

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Downloaded version 4 today. Worst move of the day. I don't have the time to learn a whole new layout. It wasn't broken - don't fix it. Does NOT support Billeo which I use all the time. Deleted 4 and re-installed 3.6. Will NOT upgrade again.

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I agree ,, absolutely rubbish, have dumped all my firefox and gone for Chrome, which I am getting used to and finding to be quite fast,,, so may not go back to Firefox when they send me the info for the promised fix


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I don't know why but it is slow doing *everything* and I mean *everything*. It takes forever for some videos to play and some don't play at all, I have to click on links multiple times before they take me anywhere, some pages don't fully load anymore. What the heck have they done with Firefox?

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Some users claim that every new major version of Firefox that was released is the "worst ever". Been hearing that since Firefox 1 was released in Nov 2004.

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I agree, Firefox 4 is worst I ever seen. Wonder if it is fix at all? It is ever since I upgrade to 4.0 and have so many problems since then. Thought firefox is repairing the problem. But noooooo... Never fix any problems. Am tired of waiting. I want to have firefox 3. whatever (latest of 3) back but want to know if they ever fix the problem? Sorry for my English, am hearing impaired so am not good at English.  :)

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Might try Chrome till firefox get it straight out.

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Hello Everybody,

Considering the comments most of you have put, I thought of putting my comment as well. As for my idea, I think Firefox 4 is far more better and advanced than any other browser. I don't know about other people. But for me, it's the best. I'm using it in my Laptop. There was no problem in Upgrading it from FF 3.6, or playing You tube videos, or even with the speed. So, I encourage everybody to get it and use it.

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Yes, it is. I've been using Mozilla based browsers since the very beginning (Netscape) , and this 4 version is a piece of thrash. As soon as I installed it, I regreted doing so. I was tired of the "not responding" problem so now I'm back to 3 (3.6.18) and will not upgrade any soon.

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V5 appears to be no better. I can't believe I stuck with 4, even though I still use IE 50% of the time (isn't that saying something...!)

Everytime I download the forst file after opening FF, the whole thing freezes for up to 5 min while it opens that stupid download box. If you don't choose to see the download box, it still freezes AND you have no idea of the dl speed, ETA etc. LAME

You can choose multiple homepages in Firefox 4 but you can't choose any of them from a list of homepages. You either close and reopen or act like it's 1995 and scroll through your history.

Firefox continues to save .jpgs as .htms! WHY????

Bookmark something and then go to look for a bookmark and instead of opening at the top of your list it lands somewhere in the middle - not with the most recent addition to Favs, and not at the beginning, either of which would behave LOGIC behind them.

And NO ONE is listening! Every new version just makes things worse and becomes more and more counter-intuitive and windows-esque.


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Without a shadow of a doubt, Freezefox is the worst ever browser. I've slammed my mouse so many times much more because of Freezefox than any other. In the end, I've had to revert to using alternative browsers instead, includong Internat Explorer. Despite it's nuisances, at least it is much faster. Freezefox only gain publicity because of the add-ons. That's it, period. It is a huge resource hog and devours every available resource on your system.

If we want to finally bury the cursed Mozilla Freezefox forever and shut them down, rate them accordingly in CNET, although, Mozilla does bribe CNET and others to give good reviews.

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In regards to the repeat crashes you might want to update to Firefox 5.

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I have been complaining for months. I contacted support. I was very please with FireFox. Until Now. I'm considering going back to IE. We used to call it EXPLODER Not Explorer. Now IE is the more stable product. Firefox won't repair it. Every time I send the stupid Crash files. Then it restarts. It crashes at least 3 or more times in on 8 hour period. It's so annoying. The biggest problem is nobody will even tell me to go to Hell. I'm just ignored.