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Scroll from mouse wheel not working after some time on FireFox 4

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i'm having a problem in firefox 4 which is starting to bug me

the scroll with in firefox 4 when doing it from the scroll wheel on my mouse stops working. the only way i have found to get this to work again is restart firefox. never had this kinda problem in the old ones. works fine in IE ( :-( )

Is this a bug with in the new firefox 4?

mouse drivers etc are up todate


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Firefox 6 here under Windows XP (don't ask), still the same problem.

Strangely, when i click the mouse wheel, the mousewheel can be used to zoom the Firefox content but it does not work for page scrolling.

Athraithe ag LennyPenny ar

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You seem to be a few versions behind on your current FF Version. The current version of FF is 6.0, have you tried updated to see if this corrects the issue such as it could have been a bug from version 4.0 & corrected in 6?

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I am frankly shocked that this problem hasn't been addressed. This isn't some obscure corner web page rendering, but a crucial elemental user interface element. I love Firefox, but I have to go to Chrome, as this bug leaves me no choice.

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Other/duplicate issue about the same problem:

Athraithe ag hardon ar

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I run Windows 7 and had the problem. I fixed it by Control Panel/Mouse/Wheel/check the box "Enable Vertical Scrolling"

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i've gone from version 4, to 5 and still had the problem so now upgraded to 6 and it seems worse on 6 now :-(.

i'm running wnidows XP (work thing) and using a laptop with a USB mouse (its IBM mouse) drivers up to date etc

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I had this problem after upgrading to Firefox 4. Going to 5 and then 6 did not eliminate it. Just saw the post regarding .pdfs. The problem had just shown up after opening a .pdf (not in the browser, however). Tried the suggested solution, it worked, at least this time. jlf

Athraithe ag JLFMzFx ar

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This only happens on my PC work computer and it happens about every hour or so. Very frustrating indeed. The way I fix it is by closing Firefox and then reopening it. I then go to History > Restore Previous Session. This reopens all the tabs you had previously. If you were logged in to a forum or email you are logged in too. So, yes, annoying, but it's a quick 5 second reset.

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just found that when i open "My Oracle Support" website (which is java) the mouse scroll stops working once i close the tab.

it seems to be better after the last update but the problem is still here :-(

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I have has the same problem since updating past version 4 I believe. I've tried all of the fixes listed on these two pages to no avail. I am using a Lenovo x300 laptop with the built-in Trackpoint "eraser" pointer. It works fine with all other apps but will not do "wheel" scrolling in Firefox. I am up to version 6.02 of Firefox. Any last tips before I migrate to Chrome? Thanks.

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Mouse wheel in Firefox 8.0 does not scroll seemingly randomly.

Funny fix: -Keep Chrome open. Use the mouse wheel in Chrome when it doesn't work in FF. -Go back to FF and it works until it breaks again. -Repeat.

Chrome is aiding FF, :-)

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I upgraded to Firefox 9 beta and have not had the problem since

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The issue still occurs in Firefox 8.0.1. As soon as a pdf is opened in a tab page, the scroll wheel stops working in OTHER tab pages. The various fixes described either have no effect or are not relevant on any of the machines I tried them on: Win 7 & Win XP.

I'll try 9 beta now.

Actually this is a prety significant degradation in the user experience for those of us who are completely used to using the mouse wheel without even thinking about it. Going back to dragging scroll bars feels like wading through treacle.

I am surprised this bug has not had a higher priority. If there is a particularly thorny technical issue to overcome with it, then fine, just let us know, we will wait patiently, it's a free product after all, but it feels like this issue isn't deemed important enough to solve after 4 releases - I would argue strongly that it is.

Apart from this niggle, respect to all the developers and Mozilla crew - you are doing a superb and important job.

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upgrade to verison 9 and still had the problem, seem to happend on pdf's

ended up uninstalling the IBM mouse software and touch wood, its been working fine for a month now.

may be there was a bug in the IBM mouse software with the new verions of ff?

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Ha! Yes de-installing the Lenovo mouse software on my XP machine fixed this issue. Hurrah! Will try on my Vaio laptop which also has this problem with the track pad scroll sector and will see - maybe track pad will stop working tho...

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My touch is still working fine mate.

Problem as not came back yet too!

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What software exactly did you uninstall? The actual mouse driver, or some other software that came with the computer?

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Good news - I just upgraded to v. 9.01 after dreading doing so for the last month, as every previous update has caused my ultranav trackpoint "mouse" scrolling to stop operating. But this update went flawlessly and all is working well.

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I have had FF 9.01 for a while. No change. Uninstalled Lenovo drivers. No change.

Scroll wheel works with ALL other applications and browsers (IE, Chrome), all Office apps, etc.

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