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how do i get my start up language in english

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when i open firefox my google box is not in english i will like to turn it back to english

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== yesterday

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Hi. I suppose you are located in a country that does not speak English and this behavior is due to Google's very annoying habit of changing into the native language of your location.

There are multiple ways to go around it, some more effective than others. The easiest way is to click "go to" or "Google in English" or something like that, when you visit and it redirects you to google.somewherelse. You should also probably change your homepage to lead you to You can do that by going into Tools > Options > General.

There are also multiple extensions that will force Google to display in the language you want. I can name a few if you want.

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If the Google (Firefox) or Yahoo home page is in the wrong language then see: Google: Yahoo:

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I keep getting dutch. Have removed and reinstalled multiple times.

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I'm in Indonesia, but I want my mozilla in english version, how can I change it?

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You need to uninstall your current version and install the version you want (with the language you want). You can download them here:

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None of the above suggestions help!

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Some sites automatically redirect you to a site in the local language.
There is usually a link on such websites choose a language or go to an international version that allows to chose the language.
Clear the Google cookies: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

If the Google (Firefox) or Yahoo home page is in the wrong language then see:

Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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all menus of firefox are being displayed in hindi i want to get them back in english please forward a correct solution.

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I think you can preview options in tools! Good luck! '''''''___

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Hi There. Try making this as your home page "" (without the quotes).

In Firefox: Tools>Options>Under General tab set your Hompage to