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Firefox-esr on restart either drops page(s) or remembers nothing

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My system is LOADED with memory - - - - 64 GB in fact. Am also running multi-gpu and wanting to run with all 5 of my monitors but nouveau isn't up to running the 4k monitor yet! I use a large number of virtual desktops as well. As a result I get grumpy when programs don't allow me to work using my particular system. I will admit that I can get to over 25 pages open - - - I start a page for every topic I'm looking at. That's a page for every interest or every function (online tools/activities). There also tends to get to be a lot of tabs. I work had at keeping to under 40 to 50 tabs per age but there are usually a few pages where the number of tabs goes nuts. Because nouveau really doesn't like functioning with my setup (proprietary code is far worse!!! nvidia hates multi-gpu now although they didn't when I set up the system!) so system restarts are forced upon me far more often that I would like. Because of the forced system restarts I get to task firefox-esr in setting up the way it was before the system went down.

Are there hard limits that force Firefox to not renew pages as they were (so more than xx number of pages)? Are there hard limits that force Firefox to not renew 'a' page (I've had this happen where one page doesn't renew but all the rest do)? If there are no 'hard' limits (programmed in per se) are there amounts of pages or tabs or perhaps tabs/page or something else from this stew that greater than xx tabs or yy pages or even a small number of pages having more than xy tabs where such activity results in firefox not restarting as it is listed to do so (restart the pages and tabs present upon shutdown) is considered 'usual'? I am trying to find parameters where I'm not faced with what I have right now. There were about 30 odd different pages and from 15 to who knows how many tabs per page. Some tabs were held as I was working on business deals. Re-establising this amount of stuff is a royal pita. If I know that any behavior over a level described as 'x' is dangerous then I can work hard to stay under those levels.

Please advise

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My current usage is 17 windows with 131 total tabs between them (on Windows). Many of these are automatically restored every session and haven't been visited yet, so they aren't taking up any memory. If you are getting closer to 1000-1500 tabs, I can't tell you what is "normal" in that scenario. I am not aware of any numeric cut-off to the number of open windows and tabs Firefox will retain in its session history files; I suspect it's more a question of how large the data files can become before they become unstable or get corrupted, especially if you are experiencing crashes.

I may post some thoughts on diagnosis, but for now, if Firefox's built-in crash recovery/session restore feature isn't reliable for you, there are session management add-ons you could consider. I don't use any of them myself, but these are the ones I'm aware of that you might investigate/try out:

Use database storage:

Use bookmark storage:

Bookmark storage is more robust in that Firefox backs it up regularly. However, having the extra data show up when you are searching your bookmarks may be annoying.


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Extensions can only use JavaScript and I think that they are more likely to fail with a large amount of tabs and windows as compared with built-in tab management that can use C++ for a lot of task (processes). A large number of monitors can also be a problem because Firefox is tested in such a configuration.

How large are your session files if you check this in the profile folder (sessionstore.jsonlz4 and the sessionstore-backups folder)?

Are you using Firefox from the repositories or Firefox from the Mozilla server in case this makes a difference ?


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