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Privacy & Security Options - Manage Exceptions List

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A question about the option, Exceptions - Cookies and Site Data

Can I use wildcards in the Manage Exceptions List? Than how is it written "address/website" in the input line? Because your Firefox browser doesn't block all of the Tracking Cookies and Advertising Cookies also Third Party Cookies from being download in to the browser cache too! I have other software on my PC that tell me that there's spyware cookies on my computer and gives me a log file of it, and by deleting the cookies doesn't solve the problem or the issue because the information has already been transmitted by the COOKIE or the set of COOKIES to the other websites computers that are link to that webpage or webpages. I would like use wildcards in this operation okay.

Couple Examples of this see below. Adware/Tracking Cookie: [ C:\USERS\NAME\APPDATA\ROAMING\MOZILLA\FIREFOX\PROFILES\DFNBN1BO.DEFAULT-BETA\COOKIES.SQLITE ]. [ C:\USERS\NAME\APPDATA\ROAMING\MOZILLA\FIREFOX\PROFILES\ICEI14WC.DEFAULT-RELEASE\COOKIES.SQLITE ]. These cookies are shown as a domain and not as websites. All of the cookies are hidden within this file "COOKIES.SQLITE".

Maybe something like this one that other chrome browsers use: > [*.] <. Or maybe something like this one: > *://** <. like Internet Explorer uses this to block websites and/or allow websites in its options

I what to prevent these cookies from being download into the Firefox browser on my PC computer!

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Wildcards don't work, but if you want to block all cookies from a domain, try entering the base domain. For example:

  • Enter then click Block
  • Enter then click Block

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That doesn't work with "" Then I cannot access my bank account website if I enter that website domain as that!

The other one "" is a third party Adware/Tracking Cookie with google services but it doesn't let me put in that way it needs the actual website like this: " http?://??? " to block it! because the button are gray out when I put it in your way!

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The Browser needs ether this " http://?.?.? " or this " https://?.?.? " to block or allowed, otherwise the buttons are all gray out

"Read the instructions on the options page for, Exceptions - Cookies and Site Data" it says that you have to enter the exact website address! You can't put it in as a Domain Name Website like you can do with others Chrome base Browsers!

Maybe Mozilla should work on this issue! And make some improvements to their browser so this can be done soon!

I really hate deleting my data specially the "LOGIN/SIGN IN" info all the time and it's a waste of time. I just want go to webpage as I left it without the bad data on it! "(note: plus when you reopen the browser and enter that website again, all that data/info returns the good and bad data, all of this data/info is downloaded in milliseconds, and stored in till it's deleted in someway.)" Note: And some of these cookies can last for weeks, months or years before they expire.

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Over 30 years being on the Internet, I have a very huge list of Malware Sites and Spyware Sites plus Adware Sites and Tracking Cookie most of them listed now as Domain Name Websites, because of the Chrome base browsers and the use of wildcards within the browser

And less data read and/or loaded, the faster the browser works!

And noting on the internet is truly private, they just want you to believe this is true, even the IRS has Google spying on you all for the government, ("Note: You have to enable those cookie to visit almost all of the government "FED" websites, and they get grants from the government for doing this to us, plus all of the companies that are advertising on the web Google, they also do that to make the money needed for their sock holders and their investments, there is a fortune to be made, plus advertising kickbacks to them too") and all that date they keep it for themself that's why Google doesn't tell what do with your date and you can not delete that data they collected from you all but you can download this data from Google website but it might be encrypted too! Because Google is trying to make an AI of the Brain and is why Google and its Co-Companies, and its many third party associates wants to spy on all us! Google and its Co-Companies and also its third party associates too, has some type of spying cookie on almost very website that you visit on the internet these days. They are now in bedding super cookies into all chrome base browsers specially the smart phones, because you can not easily block them!

Pretty soon there will no more human factor jobs for us to do anymore, and plenty of robot "nonpaying" jobs available for them do!

Athraithe ag FS_1949xyz ar

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The dialog lets me enter a bare domain and then when I click Block it adds https:// in front (see attached screenshot).

Good point about CapitalOne. If they only track you in the first party context, I say them do it. They already know who you are because you're logged in.

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The whole thing is that I have a very huge list cookies without the " http:// " or " https:// " on them, and I also have a bunch of IP addresses to block for webpage redirects too! I don't mind the cookies for trustworthy companies, I just don't want want to track/spy-on allover the web all the time, and everything that I do on the web too. my data/info is private should not be sold to anyone/anybody at all! My bank and its associates sold my phone numbers third party companies "that also goes 2 factor login/sign in." "Companies, they can't sell your passwords" and they also did the same thing too and so on "Endless", and now I get tons of call from robots telemarketing scammers witch I can not Opt-Out of at all they don't give that option, if so they just use a different phone number without caller ID to continue the telemarketing scam so they can just get your personal info for them to use it themself or to sell it on the web there's lots money to be made for this data/info

The Firefox version be!low version 60.0 would not work for me back then

Thanks, I hope the information given helps others too.

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Internally, the permission list works off the concept of an origin, which is a protocol + a host name. You can enter it either way.