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Huge memory leak from FF is causing my computer to shut down

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Hello all,

I have been experiencing a critical issue with FF for more than a year now and even though I reported it via the FF crash reporter numerous times it never got fixed so I figured I would report it here.

The issue could be summarized as follow: browsing the website triggers a memory leak from FF that eventually causes my whole computer to shut down if FF cannot be "force[d] to quit" in time.

Here is a more detailed description I sent to Mixcloud support last year:

"Often times when I open a new page/tab on the website the loading freezes and after a few seconds a yellow warning notification pops up on the upper part of the screen asking: "a web page is slowing down your browser. What would like to do?” with the two following options available: "Stop it" or "Wait". If I click "stop it" the loading will indeed stop and I just have to refresh the page again to continue browsing normally. The troubles begin if I click "wait" or do nothing: the overall memory usage of Firefox will then increase seemingly exponentially and after only a few minutes the whole system will become unresponsive and I will have to hard reboot my computer or it will reboot by itself. This is extremely annoying as you can imagine as every time that happens I lose all unsaved data in the process! Strangely enough this issue sometimes even occur without any notification displayed or freeze happening in the first place: I would be browsing a few Mixcloud pages then switching to another website and after a couple of minutes I would notice that the memory usage is increasing although no Mixcloud page is open any longer... In both cases the only solution I found is to quit/force to quit Firefox as soon as possible to prevent it (and the system) to become unresponsive. Closing the application always resolves the issue and I can see the memory usage of the overall system subsequently dropping sometimes from up to 95% to 40% in the Activity Monitor app. Again I would like to stress that I have been experiencing this issue ONLY on Mixcloud and that I have no other memory related issue on my computer nor with Firefox in general."

Mixcloud support reply at the time: "this is linked to some issues we've been experiencing but our team are busy working on a fix for". 10 months later nothing changed...

The same issue happened again this very morning: I opened a Mixcloud link from google results and even though I immediately closed it, 5 minutes later the RAM usage was at 93% and I struggled during 10 minutes to "force to quit" FF as the whole computer was becoming increasingly unresponsive. I can provide a crash report from this morning but would prefer not to display it publicly.

Please investigate this leak. It is becoming more and more frustrating to deal with as the time goes by.

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Any help on this issue, please? I am still regularly experiencing this critical problem.

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entwined2 said

. . . even though I reported it via the FF crash reporter numerous times

That data goes to the Mozilla servers for the developers to see. They seldom contact the users.

In the address bar, type about:crashes<enter>. Note: If any reports do not have BP- in front of the numbers/letters, click it to submit them.

The crash report is several pages of data. We need the report numbers to see the whole report.

Using your mouse, mark the most recent 7 - 10 Submitted crash reports, and copy them. Now go to the reply box and paste them in.

Please, Do not post a screenshot ! !


For more help on crash reports, see;

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”Webpage is slowing down your browser” This is the new way the browser tells you there is a problem with the script program(s).

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