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Need to explain the software to be downloaded

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This is a reoccurring theme.

Webmasters making false assumption the end user can read webmaster’s minds.

This link states to download “Container” with a vague description.

vague descriptions is what selfish jerks do.

I need the Webmasters to provide the useful information before I and many others will download. How does this file work? What exactly does the file do? Provide screenshots of the interface? File size?

Why do Webmasters in general from all websites think the consumer should trust them and download software without providing detailed information what the software actually does?

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This could explain why a lot of sites have a second link below the button that says "More Information" but goes to the identical link, for people who don't trust the big button.


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Seriously, you expect people to click another link. That is nonsense. Apply common sense and just provide information on the same page. The end user should not have search a link, “more information.”

Just tell us about the product on the same page. Don’t make the user go somewhere else.

Having worked with webmasters for a business I have learned that webmasters know how to make a webpage. They do not understand the product or service a business offers. They make web pages. As an end user, I am telling how to communicate to your customers. Always provide information about a download on the same page as the download link.


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