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firefox has stopped working

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When I first load firefox I have been getting the error "Firefox has stopped working for a few years now. Close the program". I do not click the link to close the program I click the "X" at the top right of the popup window. That will initiate a reload of the page. But, the page loads with none of the graphics loading. If I click the refresh button myself my page will load just fine. The only reason I even did an upgrade was because it would not let me load ANY page and kept saying my flash player was out of date and had to be updated. I did update flash but Firefox would still not work. A couple months ago I tried to do an upgrade which crashed. I ended up doing an uninstall and installed the latest version. I lost everything including my profile. After much searching for answers using Google Chrome I finally found out how to retrieve a copy of my old profile and help on how to install it. I did an upgrade this week which I had to do from Google Chrome but at least it worked and I didn't have to lose anything. But, then it would not use flash so I had to again use Google Chrome to get flash to download and install the correct update. You know... all that NPAPI and NPAPI crap because Firefox uses a different version of flash player than Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I am currently using version 72.0.2 of Firefox. I had installed an update for Flash player before updating Firefox. I had to reinstall the version of Flash that I had just installed. I am now running version Firefox still stops working and I still have to jump through the hoops of reloading it. I am NOT going to update my Windows 7 Home because I do not want Windows 10. If I try to update my graphics card MS will force me to upgrade Windows. They stopped supporting Windows 7. The only good thing is that now it does not open the library item on boot that even after following instructions to turn off kept loading anyway. All that installing and reinstalling eats up a lot of my metered data allowance so the next time I will probably just uninstall Firefox. I forgot to say that NO I DO NOT OWN A SMART PHONE AND DO NOT PLAN ON GETTING ONE. MY DESKTOP PC WORKS JUST FINE. I DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD AN APP EVERY TIME I WANT TO DO ANYTHING. If using computers for the past 40 years has taught me anything it is all about putting money in someone's pocket and making it easier for thieves to destroy my life. I am sorry that the youth of today are stupid and want things to be easy and do not realize the expense to their very existence. I do not want you to fix anything. I apologize for my attitude. I just needed to vent.

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