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Get removed from Moderator's black list

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In November 2017 a moderator for the firefox.mozilla newsgroups put me on the naughty step for comments about the new incarnation of Firefox. (Quantum).

It's now over a year later and I'm still on the naughty step, and though I have attempted to contact the moderator in question, the addresses used all failed... Or I'm being ignored.

A step tooooo far was taken today when the moderator also put my cousin on the proscribed list, who's been kind enough to post occasional queries I've had about Fx.

Having been contacted by cousin today, informing that said Moderator has now put a blanket ban on the ISP (By address) who supplies internet connection for various family members.

How is this problem to be resolved?

Thanks Dave

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I called a moderator to help you. Please wait.

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Thank you FredMcD, appreciate you taking the time to help.


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Footnote: I'm totally banned for something...

Goodbye and thanks

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Hi Dave, it seems you are fine here on the support website. I don't know who administers newsgroups (there are still newsgroups?!) but I'm pretty sure that is handled separately from support.

Do you have a support question?

For more general discussion, this subreddit is very active:

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Thank you for the support, appreciated. I'll keep you all in mind when I do have a support question.

It appears the big crime was, when I had a questions about Fx stuff and getting my cousin to ask about it for me, thus sidestepping the Moderators proscription. So both my cousin and I are banned totally from posting and at ISP address level. (This will of course also effect, my wife and brother who use the same service provider).

Yes I had been a bit naughty in 2017 pre Quantum, but nothing of any great import, but being on the naughty step for over a year was annoying considering how much I've loved Firefox from back in the pre version 1 beta days.

And thanks for the reddit link that will be very useful...

Anyway, such is life... Time to get on with other things.

Cheers Dave

PS: I guess that all means I'm banned from the Thunderbird newsgroup as well? Is there a Thunderbird support list like this one?


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Hi Dave, there is a Thunderboard board here for support, yes.

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Again... Thanks for that bit o' info jscher2000...


Athraithe ag Davezed ar

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The Mozilla newsgroups is not the only place to ask for support.

Here as you can see at

At the long time running independent (the answer is 6 for captcha) and in some channels on and the reddit link as mentioned.

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Sorry to chime in late here. There are two newsgroups that are still active, but not affiliated. The newsgroups used to sync with a Mozilla list, but have since not been maintained, I believe they are actually administered by some old community members.

Are these familiar?

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Thanks for your thoughts guigs, appreciated.

I was aware of the google groups list, but assumed as I was totally banned at server address level (That's the address of my internet service provider) that "particular moderator" would make sure it applied to everything mozilla related. Anyway, I did have a footnote to add to one of my threads "Download a FX Theme" so I've posted it to the list to see if it gets through, or if I get an unpleasant message back.  ;-)

Thanks Davez

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My suspicion seems to be correct. I posted to the list, but a Moz filtering on my provider address is blocking it. Ah well! such is life and I do have better things to do, but again thanks for your suggestion.


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Slight woopsie on my part... My posting went to the Firefox newsgroup. I'd forgotten I first have to subscribe to a mailing list which I'd obviously not done.

You've gotta laugh!  ;-)