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Is there a replacement in Firefox ESR 60.2 for the leagacy add-on Backward/Forward History Dropdown that allowed you to left-click to view recent history

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I just upgraded from Firefox ESR 52.9 to ESR 60.2. The upgrade has made my legacy add-on "Backward/Forward History Dropdown" dysfunctional. That add-on displayed a dropdown arrow to the left of the location bar that listed the websites in the same window that I visited in the current browsing session, and enabled me to select a website in the list that I wanted to return to. (That obviously was much easier than using the Back button to return to recently visited websites one by one.) The only ways to do that now appear to be to pull down or right-click on the backward or forward indicators, but since I use an old trackpad it would be much more convenient to tap on a dropdown arrow as I used to do.

After doing a bit of online research I created a chrome folder in my profile and then 3 subfolders named config, css, and image, along with 2 files called userChrome.css and userContent.css. I then followed the instructions in this website:

I clicked on and copied the contents of the folders and files into the ones in my chrome folder, except that I copied only one command from the userChrome.css file that looked like it might relate to my issue. In addition, I copied some script I found elsewhere that made my tab toolbar disappear, since I don't use tabs. My tab toolbar has disappeared as I wanted, but my backward/forward buttons haven't changed at all and still don't show a dropdown history marker. The contents of my userChrome.css file are as follows:

#tabbrowser-tabs {
visibility: collapse !important;

/* other button settings ************************************************************************/
/* @import "./css/buttons/forward_button_hide_when_disabled.css"; /**/
@import "./css/buttons/back_and_forward_separated_history_popups.css"; /**/
/* @import "./css/buttons/back_and_forward_leftclick_history_popup_hidden.css"; /**/

Am I doing something wrong in the way I imported the script , or is the script not intended to do what I want? If the latter, are you working on a replacement for the legacy add-on that will be compatible with Firefox Quantum?

FYI, I'm using Windows 7. 64 bit.

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Note that if you hold down the left mouse button on either B/F button then the drop-down list will open as well.

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Thanks, I hadn't noticed that. But you still have to click. When I use my trackpad I mostly just tap to navigate. And holding down my finger when I tap doesn't work. So while it's a little easier to left click than to right click, I'd still prefer to tap on a dropdown if possible.

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felotravlr said

When I use my trackpad I mostly just tap to navigate. And holding down my finger when I tap doesn't work.

It's not really an answer to your question, but most laptop manufacturers allow you to click and hold on the trackpad by doing a double tap. Basically, just double tap, but don't let go of the trackpad on the second tap.

This feature may not work with every laptop brand, but most have adopted it.

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Thanks, it would have solved my problem if it had worked. But I have an old ergonomic "Wave" keyboard that I need to use because of some disability. They don't make keyboards with the same configuration anymore. And on that keyboard it doesn't work, unfortunately.

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Hi, this loads as a Sidebar : I do not see the use of it myself if turn on the Menu Bar can just have Show all History as a separate window

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Interesting suggestion. I don't like sidebars because they take up too much screen real estate but tapping on History in the Menu Bar does produce a dropdown that shows all the sites I've visited in the current browsing session. I don't even need to open Show All HIstory as a separate window, though that also works.

This gets me pretty close to what I want but I'm not marking my issue as closed yet because the History dropdown seems to combine websites from multiple windows and to change the order so that if you go back to a previously visited site that now becomes the site listed at the top. Neither of those is a big problem, and at least I'd be able to access the list by just tapping on my touchpad instead of having to click on the mouse. So if this is the best solution I can certainly live with it but I'm leaving the issue open on the off-chance that someone can suggest something that comes closer to the discontinued Backward/Forward History Dropdown extension.