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confirm account not from my ip address

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sign in stated my password was not correct... sent confirm sign in email... not my ip address not even my city... and have issues with site I got on that I think has hacked my computer... paid for and have called 6 times now... and same lady states she is all departments...and cannot get logged off site and states site is not secure... I have most limited knowledge of computers... and feel this is an extension of a hacking two weeks ago... had to pay micorsoft and still not completely restored... however, right now concerned about firefox and no one to help and microsoft will not.. and I cannot confirm sign in on Mozilla and I cannot change my password for some sort of protection... someone please.. this old gal is in a panic... this site do not understand any of this... however went into settings and blocked all I could until I can get some help .

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Hi, I think you best change all passwords and cancel cards and more as per this 2011 has reviews you can search for in your state or others.

Change password where and for what ?

Delete your cache and cookies.

Please use more than 1 scanner as each uses diff tech :

Save your Report and google each before deleting anything as do not want to delete something you need, If need help : SUGGEST IF STUFF FOUND GO HERE

Post in only 1 forum, then wait.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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but to confirm my account... when mozilla sends the confirmation email not showing my ip address. or right town I live in... so how do I confirm to change and in this case get my password since I cannot confirm the ip address showing sorry excuse my stupidity... just do not understand... thank you for being kind...and I do need help fast...

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As to your Moilla accounts, I called an administrator. Please wait

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thanks to you PkShadow and Fred McD... got the scam issue handled ..ran the Malware Bytes had 6 issues all 3 hours old.. running McAfee so far at 79%. .cs agent at bank stated 5 of these have come in well as 2 weeks ago ...American Geeks LLC ...also a scam I reported had to buy a fix for my computer ..Windows (Microsoft) still has not fixed all the mess they did ... files gone access to my accounts changed, etc.. anyway... add American Geeks LLC to your list... comes up with a Windows Defender page...state they are with Micosoft and NOT... anyway, thanks and anxiously waiting on response what to do about verifying my mozilla account... cannot change my password... kudos to you and your brains for helping old folks like me.. and with such kindness and ease to understand.. appreciate it so much let me know what the administrator says....

Athraithe ag mr aak ar

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Unfortunately, the internet is a very dangerous place because of scammers, malware, ransomware . . . .

You need a good antivirus to block much of this.

Run mal scanners now and then to make sure nothing sneaks in.

Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web Link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for a good ad / pop-up blocker.

If you receive any messages offering to 'fix' your system, close that window.

and the list goes on.

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Running Malware and McAfee... quarantined 8 ... my issue is when I go to verify account... you send the email... however I cannot click it because not my ip address and not my city... not me... and read all the help articles I can.. do not understand how to get this back to me and my ip address... New sign-in to Firefox here is what I get:

For added security, please confirm this sign-in from the following device:

Firefox on Windows 10 Dallas, TX, United States (estimated) IP address: 9:00:34 AM (CDT) Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

this is NOT ME....and I humbly apologize for not understanding what to do,,, I don't know..and still need some advice if possible...

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Hi mr aak,

Your system details (to the right of your original post) show that there are two extensions installed :

Directions Finder and Search Encrypt

Those are browser hijackers, malware that you need to get rid of.

Go to the 3-bar menu (or 'Tools') => Add-ons => Extensions (you'll see them listed there) and remove those two extensions, please.

Just to make sure, also go to Windows Control Panel => Programs, and see if there is anything there that looks suspicious - if you find any : please, remove them.

You've already run all the malware scans, and you should be OK after you've removed those two extensions.

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Thank you Happy 112...I have done as requested I have HitMan Pro, Malware bytes and McAfee.. have run these repeatedly.. and account still needs verification per email... I receive the wrong ip address and city the 2 add-ons were removed.... concerned that without verification when I shut this computer down.. I will not be able t o get back on..and every file/account/etc is on Firefox... please advise what else I should do/can do... is there anyone in all of mozilla/firefox that can get on my computer and look at this... I a have read and re-read all the info on this stuff... out of my comprehension range... I do apologize. ... and perplexed that I am unable to get this done myself.. and I think the more I attempt to work on it.. the deeper in___ I am I do not think... I know...

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Dear mr aak, try to relax - you removed those two extensions , no worries there anymore.

But it looks like you've got another (separate) problem : you seem to be waiting for an email verification - this is about a Sync account, I assume  ? FredMcD has already contacted an administrator a couple of days ago - just to try and speed things up a little, I will send that administrator an email.

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I just sent another message.

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FredMcD said

I just sent another message.

And I just sent an email .......

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Apologies for the delay, there is quite alot of excitement at Mozilla. I am happy to help investigate the verification of the sync account.

It is really important to try not to sync a profile with extensions that may cause similar issues that were just troubleshooted above.

I would advise backing up the parts of your profile that you wish to sync, as access to the sync account is not going to be a reliable back up option.

Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles <---first

Second, please consider creating a new profile Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles, then navigate to about:support and open the new profile folder and copy over the profile files to the new profile folder from the old one.

Second, try to login to the sync account from the new profile. If you still receive the error, please consider creating a new account, then adding back each of the devices that were synced.

Although this is not ideal, most of the profile information is stored locally and the sync service will just mirror what is being synced.