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Yet another youtube black screen!?

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  having issue with flash and simple playlist shuffle handling by youtube I decided to give HTML5 a try.

Now, my playlist seems to be working good (most of the time anyway!) but after a couple of videos I end up with only a black screen within youtube but still hearing the music (at least!).

I am writting this because I had the same issue many, many months, if not years ago. I have deactivated Video Acceleration within Firefox which fix the problem for a little while (I can now see a couple of videos before I get the black screeen).

What is puzzling me is how come, years after youtube switched to html5, this problem is still around and not fixed!?

Is there any way to fix the issue!? Is this a Firefox issue? Youtube issue?

I'm running Windows 10 64bits, fully patched and latets release of Firefox.

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Thanks Fred but my system is up to date from top to bottom, 100% certain. Besides, we're many in the community having the same issue and have to revert back to flash for Youtube ... so much hate flash that needs update every 10 seconds ... I would rather stick with html5 but I'm having, in 2017, the same issue I had in 2015 and before (don't knon when Youtube introduced HTML5 but I have had this issue since day 1). In the past, simply deactivating the Video Accelaration was enough to fix the problem but today it seems there is something more.

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I called for more help

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I might have found it, at least it is suspicious, I have disable AdBlock Plus and haven't got any black video since then (but have to compose with the damn publicity).

I will keep the pub for a little while just to verify hypothesis!

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Go here and ask questions. Let us know the outcome.

Forum; Adblock Plus Homepage {web link}