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Test of forum edit problem by a Moderator

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Adding some test text in a quetion.

Possibly forum quotes feature has damaged editing feature.

edited by the-edmeister - 01-02-2015 17:47 CST

blah blah blah

Also are we shooting ourselves in the foot, giving a warning and effectively blocking our own troubleshooter app.

P.S. And is there a bug filed for warnings about outdated Flash on Linux. I have not checked

Athraithe ag guigs ar

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Some other mod/admin please try editing my original post. The thread I had an issue with was the flagged thread /questions/1038832

The (above post) edit of my own post worked ok.

One more observation is that the edit procedure showed our gallery ! Why ? edited by the-edmeister - not sure why there are so many images offered to begin with, and to offer those images when "editing" is engaged seems nonsensical. Not happy with the new "quote" feature either - it is misused all too often making threads unnecessarily long [as I tend to do - lol]

This posted because in a thread where I edited a post as a Mod the result was odd.

The post repeated as a quote. The quote had the full edit. The OP had only a partial edit.

Maybe the problem only shows up if it is not your own post.

Athraithe ag the-edmeister ar

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John99 said

P.S. And is there a bug filed for warnings about outdated Flash on Linux. I have not checked

The outdated warning happens if you have or older as was released on December 9 and is not vulnerable or on blocklist.

Flash Player Plugin on Linux and lower

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I'm not seeing the problem that you had - but notice that both of my edits (initial posting and the first response) have acquired the same time, that of the response. But that's not a new glitch, been happening for quits awhile.

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I assume that showing all those images when you edit the first post is a bug because I've noticed that this also happens when there are images attached and you won't know what images are involved. You should only see the images that are attached and not the gallery. It is also quite distracting in my opinion.

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I created this about the gallery showing up for the edit question page: *

As a moderator can you click on the image attached and see an "x"?

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As far as the Gallery appearing when I go to edit a posting - I am now getting over 100 images when I open "edit" for the initial posting in this forum thread.

And I am seeing that happen elsewhere, too - possibly every time I go to edit the initial posting in any thread (like when I add a comment about the thread being a duplicate).

I have an old PC - WinXP - 2.2 GHz and 2GB of RAM; it takes 100% CPU for almost 45 seconds when loading all those images.

Comments to be added to

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

I was obviously out of date with Flash Player so the warning was correct. My bad.

Possibly I was mistaken with the post being copied on edit, and I see the Reply has now changed to quote, and the blockqutes are indented.

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guigs2 said

I created this about the gallery showing up for the edit question page: * As a moderator can you click on the image attached and see an "x"?

That's now closed as a duplicate of bug 1117894 "Unrelated screenshots attached when editing a question"

Yes I do see a bar with a cross. Presumably that allows deletion of the image. I have not got a post to hand with someone else's image attached but they have a cross for the OP and Mods.

Being able to browse all attached images may; very occasionally; be useful, if for instance there is a spam attack, but then we would need to know also which post the image was attached to.

Speaking of spam, maybe an Admin needs to look at the Mods forum and address the comments in [done]

Athraithe ag John99 ar

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adding an existing helpdesk tag

Interesting to note that helpdesk tags apparently create a zendesk ticket, but apparently do not add an escalate tag, or show up in the contribs escalated filter.

Athraithe ag John99 ar

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I'm adding the "offtopic" tag since this is not a support question (see Mozilla Support rules and guidelines) . I suppose the thread can also be locked? Everyone here is a moderator and moderators can post in locked threads (I'll leave that up to John99, the thread owner).

There's also a "test" tag so I'll added that too!

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Yes I will lock this.

I know we can test on Allizom, but occasionally I think prod is better suited.

  • If faults in prod are suspected.
  • To demonstrate or test things that may not be the same in Allizom (Zendesk tickets maybe).
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just seeing if I can post in the support forum, I am blocked in the contribs forum