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Can you add an Add Password to the Saved Password window?

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There are some sites that do not prompt Firefox to save my password.

Is it impossible to add an Add Password to the saved passwords screen for times when I revisit the site?

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This is what I'm talking about

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Some web sites send a signal telling browsers not to save / paste passwords. Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for Password.

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Make sure that you do not run Firefox in permanent Private Browsing mode (Never remember history).

  • Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history"
  • Deselect: [ ] "Always use private browsing mode"

The website might be using autocomplete=off to prevent Firefox from saving form data like name and password.

Note that Firefox won't auto-fill saved form data automatically when autocomplete=off is used, so double-click the empty name field to get a drop-down list.

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How do I enter a new password without an "Add Password" button?

Here's the problem: Verizon recently installed an Actiontec FiOS router in my office, but the router does not like Firefox (or Safari). When I try to enter my login password via browser, it adds and subtracts multiple (unseen) characters as I type, so it is impossible to enter the correct password.

I added the suggested add-on, but Firefox does not implement the password that I created with the add-on.

Athraithe ag roscomouse ar

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Note to above: I added the suggested add-on, but Firefox does not implement the password that I created.

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You may need to contact your system tech. If if does not like Firefox, there is nothing we can do about it.

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Unfortunately, the Verizon FiOS router also dislikes Safari and Opera, so I am running out of browsers. We do not knowingly allow Chrome or anything Google in this office, so I have no idea whether or not they would work.

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Unless you can get that router working . . . . . . .

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I’m flabbergasted that a company as technologically experienced in communication as one would suppose Verizon to be, can’t buy or engineer a router with a browser interface that works with the world’s #2 or #3 browser (Firefox), but the router does work. I just can't change anything that isn’t already on autopilot!

The funny thing about this is, once in a very great while, the Verizon router will let me in, and then everything works fine. The problem seems to be specific to typing the password, which it jumbles on. Very strange.

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Hmmm One final thought. Unplug the power and let it sit a bit. Then plug it back in. That should reset it. Otherwise . . . .

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Already tried that. Methinks the router simply won’t communicate with anything other than IE (or possibly Chrome). But thank you for trying to help me think through this thing.

The real problem is that I must decide today whether or not to keep the FiOS or remain with Optonline for Internet service. They are duking it out in our local market, and Verizon made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. It all started with the failing copper for our telephone lines...

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Well, you tell them that their equipment makes a good paperweight, and little else, and to get a tech out there . . .NOW !

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Tech support? Here's what they said: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The guy who installed the box used his own laptop PC. Now we know why!

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Ha Ha Nice picture.

Have you thought of going to Radio Shack?

How about ATT, Comcast, someone else in your area?

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I called for more help. Someone else might be of more help.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the APB, Fred.

My area is limited to Verizon and Optonline, which is a huge improvement over the Optonline monopoly. But the really bad news is that Radio Shack is just now entering into Chapter 11. So sad...

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I didn't know that. It was meant as a joke.

Some cell phone providers can have their phones act as a go between.

Computer <> Cell <> internet.

No idea is that would help you at all.

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I did get a chuckle from your Radio Shack suggestion. It’s just that I’m of an age that sorely misses sales and customer service in the form of human beings who speak English clearly, know their products, know the technology, and actually help their customers get to where they want to go.

I'll blunder on with this Verizon Router problem. It’s a more of a hurdle than a brick wall and Verizon is making it worth my while.

Be well and happy.