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Dizze konversaasje is argivearre. Stel in nije fraach as jo help nedich hawwe.

Could you recommend a new browser NOT associated with the fascists at Mozilla? What is wrong with free speech and supporting your beliefs??

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I think your actions against free speech are horrible. Just when I thought I had a good browser, now I have to look for a new one.

I see I'm not alone. Could anyone recommend a good browser that will operate on an older computer that is not supported by fascists?

Thank you.

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Please see this for starters

Brendan made the personal decision to not only step down from CEO but to also leave Mozilla. This has lead to some individuals and article writers assuming he was fired or forced to resign.

I get the feeling that you came to the (wrong) conclusion that Mozilla only found out about his support prop 8 donation (made in 2008) after he went from CTO to CEO and the board then must have fired or forced him out after. This is not true as Mozilla knew about this donation since March 2012 due to a article that was written at time. Thanks to California law where such donations require name, employer and it be public record somebody found it and wrote about then. If the board did not support Brendan for who he is then perhaps he would not have been made CEO right?

You should keep using Firefox as Brendan Eich would want that and because Mozilla did not fire nor forced him out.

In fact he could probably come back to working at Mozilla in some role if he wanted to as the Mozilla board encouraged him to stay in some capacity when he chose to leave.

Chris Ilias made a long post about what happened and the support that Mozilla and people at Mozilla have for Brendan. Was going to quote it here but the forum software does not quote very well.

Oh and Mozilla is hardly closed minded as they support equality which includes LGBT.

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